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Vilnius – Baltic Tour Kickoff

Posted by on Apr 26, 2014 in All posts, Lithuania | 0 comments

We have started our Baltic tour today (the 31st of January 2014)  and people are questioning our judgement “In winter?”. Perpetual travelers can follow warm weather forecasts or they do some extreme sightseeing in -10C. We thought that to enjoy some crisp white city images in Lithuania isn’t so bad. And truthfully, it was making the best of a business trip to Vilnius. Vilnius is our first stop and will be followed by more capitals, namely Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki, before disembarking for Cologne. We haven’t been back home (to Germany where my parents live) for two years now. Dad has passed on his dentist’s practice last year and mum has only retired as a paediatrician of civil service in Cologne in autumn – perfect timing. We have been in Vilnius in December 2012 when the city was covered...

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The Lithuanian National Opera and Nutcracker Ballet in Vilnius

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 in All posts, Lithuania | 0 comments

The Christmas lights are on. This is the time of the year for all ballet companies in the world to bring out the Nutcracker. Drawn in by tinsel and Tchaikovsky, we visited the Nutcracker in Vilnius (on the 18th of December last year – which is only three weeks ago and I am sooo behind with blogging). Anyhow, I loved the performance, called Spragtukas in Lithuanian which made me think of the similar sounding Spartacus. True to the name, the ballet troupe gave a gladiator-grand performance. It was exactly how I hoped it would be. The story was beautifully brought to stage – thumbs up for the choreography (I hereby withdraw previous claims about not being able to stage the Nutcracker understandably for the viewer), the dancing was precise and showed off classic ballet technique at its best, the...

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First day in Vilnius: taxis, home rental, food and a lot of snow

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in All posts, Lithuania | 3 comments

After two months we left Athens and have just arrived in Lithuania at around midnight. My first impressions of this town is that it’s tiny and that there are not as many people nor cars around. The streets are vast and sort of empty contrasting with the densely populated Athens where scratched and bumped cars are blocking your way. The airport is small and looks more like a train station.   Tada! I hereby present snow and my well-adjusted (fake!) furry winter coat.   We will be in Vilnius for two weeks which is the capital with only about half a million inhabitants. Here is how we rented a flat, some pictures of Lithuanian food probes and a word on taxis. TAXIS IN VILNIUS We were advised not to flag a taxi down nor to take a taxi from...

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