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Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts – Go Drama Go!

Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in All posts, Hungary | 0 comments

Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts is about art, in a fine way. With a large selection of famous artists and a small selection of ‘in-famous’ artists. What I encountered, while walking the majestic halls, is that once you enter, wonderful DRAMA awaits. And numerous depictions of AFFAIRS between men and women, showing amazing age differences.   Maybe most of all, it was here I realized, that 1. I do appreciate the sophisticated side of life as much as 2. I am into hijinks and live enjoyment AND luckily, 3. the two actually combine well at museums. My dear, sophisticated readers, I assume, you would come to the Museum of Fine Arts for the ART. To deepen your knowledge about the consecutive periods styles from trecento during the early renaissance to mannerism. You read books the size of my dusty...

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Budapest’s Labyrinth of Horror

Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in All posts, Hungary | 2 comments

The Labyrinth of Buda Castle is a vast cave system underneath the Castle Hill, which was formed by the effect of  hot water springs millions of years ago. Today, it is named one of the 7 Underground Wonders of the World. But mainly, it is a place of horrors of the past – or so I thought… Apart from giving shelter to the prehistoric man, it is a creepy place, that mainly served as torture chambers and jails. The caves have been transformed into cellars, since the 15th century. The Labyrinth-structure grew as the caves and cellars underneath the Castle Hill Houses were connected. The Gothic houses above, are all marked by a well inside the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth has had many unpleasant guests. Such as the Turkish military in the 16th century, which left female skeletons, some walled...

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Jesus Christ! The Matthias Church at Buda Castle Hill

Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in All posts, Hungary | 0 comments

This post is not going to be incredibly popular with church folk but since I continue to fascinate a relatively small circle of readers  (hello family & friends!), I might as well… We visited the Buda Castle and the Matthias Church in Buda (you know about the towns of Buda and Pest, that are now one, right?), where we missed the chance to save a good amount of money by not buying tickets. It’s not obvious! When you are standing in front of the ticket booth, you actually think you need tickets for those sights. But you do not. After this post, you can save some money. Which you can invest in some underground horror at Buda Castle Hill! Everything you want to see: Buda Castle, the Fisherman’s Bastion, the little streets of  Castle Hill and surrounding Gothic residential...

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Fashionistas must dos & haves for Fall 2012

Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Hungary | 0 comments

Fashion. One of the most obscure art forms on the planet. Fashion fascinates. It has dictators, an enormous number of followers and just as many victims. It’s a parallel political system. To live fashion world without regrets, you got to stay informed. Because identifying fashion faux pas is not hard and you do not want to be one of them. I do not want you being laughed at behind your back. That is why I am going to help you decide, what to wear this fall. Let’s start with what to avoid, in Europe, but most definitely in Hungary, in Budapest, because that is where I am right now. Hungarians are fashion conscious. They invented a word for the kind of women, whose natural habitat is the mall. It reads: Plázacica – the mall cat. Doesn’t sound bad at...

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Public transport in Budapest and the Universe

Posted by on Sep 15, 2012 in All posts, Hungary | 3 comments

Let me tell you: the Universe works in mysterious ways and everything is wonderfully interconnected… in Budapest… when using public transport! If you came to this post to find out how to get around and how much it costs scroll further down for sheer facts on Budapest’s public transport. Otherwise, you are welcome to enjoy our story first.   ON THE MYSTERIOUS WORKINGS OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT IN BUDAPEST Walking past a movie theatre, Tomek and I decided to enjoy some straight forward action with the Bourne Legacy, not taking into account that the metro in Budapest closes at midnight. Entrance bars were just being lowered, when we arrived at the metro. But we weren’t bothered, because there are plenty of night buses, that run at least once every hour. Unexpectedly, there was a vehicle from the heavens, standing in front...

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Very vegan restaurant in Budapest

Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in All posts, Hungary | 2 comments

It was day two in Budapest and we had found a really cool flat but not really any cool restaurants. Strolling aimlessly through Budapest, it was mainly kebab and pizza places or traditional Hungarian meat based food. We ended up having greasy Asian fried noodles with microscopic salmon slices and a lot of excess oil. There was a Tesco and Hungarian style lush bakery just outside our rented flat but that was for breakfast. We were hungry for some culinary dinner adventure in Hungary, not home base cooking. Gábor, not a vegetarian himself, but our super host with pleasing perfectionist traits, provided us with addresses to some purely meatless places. The first one, Napfényes Étterem, was nothing less than VEGAN. And that means that ‘dishes are prepared solely from grains and vegetables’.   At Napfényes Étterem you first pass...

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The bachelor flat in Budapest

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in All posts, Hungary | 0 comments

Our first experience with renting in Budapest was spot on. The flat was super, the location excellent and the owner a likeable perfectionist, which gave our stay in Budapest an awesome start. The owner, Gábor delivered all I am looking for, when cruising for homes at Gábor has done efficient flat logistics, creating a functional and comfy place for tourists. We were very lucky to be able to book his flat for four days. It was spotless clean, very well equipped and had all the little extras that make me smile and happy. Both emotional responses were evoked, as Gábor was explaining his well thought trough flat arrangement. He knew about our blog and made sure we got everything, speaking slowly and carefully, as  if living out of a suitcase has caused major oblivion to the concept of home life. Which...

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