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Supersweet Superpowers

Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in All posts, Thoughts and Treasures | 0 comments

Everybody wants it no one really has it. Supernatural powers. Ever since I saw Uri Geller bending the shit out of a spoon as a kid, I knew deep in my heart, that telekinetic abilities are desirable and useful. The trend of superheroes has got to me. I am under the spell of able characters showing off  impressive metaphysics. But we all know that it’s just tricks, right? Except the scene in ‘The Illusionist’ where Edward Norton believably demonstrates his psychic powers and starts doing the bring-back-the-loved-one act. And it’s a given that Stark Industries is a well established force in the politics of the United States. Everyone likes Iron Man. The magic of real superpowers never wears off and I will tell you about these sweet lads in Bangkok and Budapest doing wonderful things. For starters it’s not...

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Bangkok’s parallel fashion world

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Thailand | 0 comments

Thailand has been going through a creative renaissance over the past years with hip young designers churning out leading-edge creations. Bangkok has the potential to become Asia’s fashion hub. There are many young entrepreneurs with their tiny clothing boutiques securing their piece of the fashion cake. An amazing sight in Bangkok’s shopping districts emerge at night. The narrow streets beneath the sky-train platforms transform into a parallel fashion world of clothing stalls. These independent sellers, putting up their stalls at sunset, do not rely on industry contacts but on their own wits and talents, copying freshest fashion trends and reproducing best seller couture. A fun thing to observe, many tailored garments on the racks have cut out magazine pictures of original designs. When you see those street vendors across the street from the main fashion players, such as massive...

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Japanese dining in Thailand

Posted by on Jul 2, 2012 in All posts, Japan, Thailand | 1 comment

I know, I know. I am in Bangkok and Thai food stalls are just everywhere, most of the time on your way to anywhere and a lot of times in your way blocking the side walk. And yes, all Bangkok malls do serve delish local food at massive food corners. And yes again, for there are plenty of street side and aircon restaurants with Thai food. See, the thing is that I really really like Thai food and up till March this year it was amongst my favourite feeds, it’s still very highly ranked but…. I have been to Japan. And Japanese cooking will turn anyone with at least one taste bud around. Japanese eats are so good, more like rock bottom awesome, making it the formidable crème de la crème of all cuisines in the world. I am...

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My fashion mall finds

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 0 comments

After my great acclaim of Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall here, I will share with you my precious finds – presented on myself :) I had three hours of shopping ecstasy fun at that vibrant clothing mall – all for a total of 2000 Baht – that is a worthwhile bargain. After the shopping spree I finished off with an impossible big ribbon hairdo, a one piece pink swim suit, an elephant(!) patterned mini dress, a Julia Roberts ‘Pretty women’ dotted dress (100% cotton), a marine dark blue business smart dress (also pure cotton), a dramatic bone shaped ring, a cute hummingbird flowers ring, an art nouveau dragon fly ring, some blue satin sandals and pink Vivienne Westwood plastic style shoes topped with a plastic red ribbon. It didn’t take long that I went back the other day and got...

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All Malls and the Mall of All in Bangkok

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Thailand | 0 comments

Bangkok is the city of malls. And I do not mean the limiting standard conglomeration of shops like Zara or H&M for the average consumer that tend to dominate the market in Germany and Poland. I also do not mean the common Tesco sort of supermarket mall. Bangkok is not limited to the Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani and other haute couture overpriced bores but to a vivid spectrum of young, fresh and local designers and many many many specialized clothes, shoes, bags and accessory retailers I have never seen before. On top of an amazing variety of clothes, the malls are not mere clones of each other but each one has a very different variety of goodies and something special. There is the grand Siam Paragon Mall boasting a theatre (very progressive!), a cinema and IMAX, which you can...

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Calypso Cabaret

Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

We did it again. Infatuated by the fun all male ballet performance ‘Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo‘, we went to see the ‘Calypso’ transvestite cabaret in Bangkok. Admittedly, when I first heard the word Calypso it made me think of ice cream – a similar sounding brand name for flavoured frozen water in tubes to squeeze out which was very popular as I grew up in Germany. However, Calypso has more to do with Greek mythology. It is the name of a Greek nymph, whereas the meaning of the word refers to ‘hiding’ or ‘concealing’. Let me tell you, that those Calypsos on stage do not have the intention to hide much, stripping down to their bare beauty.  And why should they? With divine bodies, long legs, round breasts, perfect hair, feminine movements, delicate faces, the delightful diva...

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Thailand’s red shirt revolution

Posted by on May 23, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

The taxi driver made hectic gestures and repeatedly uttered ‘leduh’ ‘bum’ ‘accident’,  indicating that he can’t take us to the centre of Bangkok because of ‘many leduh’. Confused, we weren’t sure if it wasn’t one of the standard ‘Buddha holiday’ ‘road closed’ intros that would lead to pressing alternative destinations, such as silk shops and tailors or if we had just missed a terrorist blast in one of the mega malls.  As we were approaching the centre, more and more long distance coaches were blocking our way. Maybe a leather fair in the capital. Surprisingly, the taxi driver did not propose a commission collect tour. Curious about what was going on, we asked him to drop us off as close as possible. Getting off one block from Ratchaprasong intersection we noticed that many people were wearing red t-shirts, carrying...

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Portable Pink Power at Pantip Plaza

Posted by on May 22, 2012 in All posts, Perpetual travel issues, Thailand | 0 comments

Walking IT malls is just not the same as walking fashion malls but can be grand if you are buying a laptop looking like a candy sandwich with the inside workings of a pro PC.  Yesterdays shopping spree was like finding a secluded IT world with the best hardware deals in town. In Bangkok the splendid IT mall called Pantip Plaza is an open secret that has all the electronic equipment currently on the market and will probably get anyone’s heart beating faster, even without the usual shoes, skirts and bags fun factor: computer hardware, software, cameras, printers, games consoles and masses of equipments’ accessories, as well as a wide selection of black market DVD copies and the like. There will be men standing in corners, next to elevator niches drawing your attention to pornographic material held beneath the...

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NANTA cooking rhythms

Posted by on May 20, 2012 in All posts, Thailand, Thoughts and Treasures | 0 comments

What a show! Everything that gets me going – without words! – combined in one performance and called Cookin’ NANTA. A nonverbal Korean comedy musical captivating with fast beats, infectious rhythms, dance acts and acrobatics all set in a kitchen with four cooks and one manager creating all the action using kitchen utensils as drums and their bodies for sound and motion. The comedy drama begins when a bad tempered manager appears in the kitchen telling the cooks to prepare a wedding feast to be ready in one hour’s time, additionally introducing his unexperienced nephew as the head cook. Speed and agility find its way through rhythmical chopping of veggies and transforming pots, pans and plates into drums to cook up a cacophony of sounds and beats. Really a lot of fun to watch. In NANTA’s brochure we can...

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Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

Posted by on May 18, 2012 in All posts, Thailand, Thoughts and Treasures | 1 comment

If watching drag queens all dressed up in bell tutus, white tights, ballerina shoes, diva make up and fancy wigs infatuates your  mind, then this refreshing parody of the mannerisms of Russian ballet performed by all male dancers will be your ever favourite play. If not, then it is still worth to enjoy an amusing play of absolute gender equality – only this time it is men trying to fit into traditionally female roles and… (deliberately) struggling to do so. Once declared to be solely a men’s domain, the art of ballet has skillfully been taken over by soft and delicately moving women. Men are strong and powerful ballet dancers, their muscular carved bodies exposing big thighs and athletic torsos that seem to have been reduced to energetic jumps and ballerina lift ups. Performing merely as ballerina’s assistants, as well as wearing ballerina’s pretty outfits the Trockaderos...

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Reaching for the stars

Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | Comments Off on Reaching for the stars

Going up to the 60th floor to have a stunning all round view of Bangkok at the Banyam tree hotel is a must do. The lift takes you up in seconds to the greatest panorama of the bustling capital of Thailand. This is the closest we have been to the sky. From such a birds’ perspective it is reasonable to ask: why can’t humans grow wings and fly? Watching the sunset above the city as it slowly awakes the bright night life of Bangkok, the sky gradually changing colors from soft pink to gray, feeling close to the universe as moon and venus brightly appear, is pure magic. In the distance fireworks colored the skyline. It took a while to take it all in. The world is beautiful. The magic place is called Vertigo Cafe, which is divided into...

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Thai street side and haute cuisine

Posted by on Apr 26, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

Tropical temperatures make us stay in air conditioned places as we reach the 36°C mark, thereby influencing the choice of restaurants to order our food. We mostly visit comfortable closed restaurants and cafés these days, which are more expensive, a 10% service charge and 7% tax fee are always added to the bill but that is what you pay in return for a fresh breeze and no sweating. The yummy alternative around the corner are numerous side street stands and small open air restaurants with tiny tables and stools lined up along the wall that can go up the street quite a bit. The side walk is slim, so that placing tables one behind the other is the only way :) Making it almost unbearable to enjoy side street cuisine during hot April days, walking around Bangkok in the...

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Japanese souvenir from Bangkok

Posted by on Apr 25, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

Got myself a Japanese souvenir in Bangkok today. Having my eyes on those little kokeshi and cute creature key chains in Japan, I immediately spotted a vinyl box with loads of little key chain figures at one of those Siam malls, between Japanese purikura (sort of beautifying) photo booths and chewy octopus balls. Rabbits, lucky cats, maiko, samurai, princesses, sumo ringers were all on display. A big bright photo slot machine and flashy Japanese writing everywhere – looked like little Tokyo came to Bangkok. The creature figures were all faceless. Little, neatly shaped bodily characters with big heads but no face. And that was the deal: You could pick the figure that would eventually wear your face! A personalized key chain. What a crazy idea – so Japanese! I couldn’t decide between a rabbit and a maiko but in...

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Wifi, smoothie, cool off oasis

Posted by on Apr 24, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

If you happen to be in Bangkok and thirsty, looking for a quiet place to cool off in need of internet and a socket to charge your laptop, we found this oasis that Tomek and I have been visiting almost everyday. We are no coffee fans but will make an exception for Thailand’s chain café, called Blue Cup Coffee S&P. Once inside you get pure tranquillity, so you won’t have to put up with any annoying noisy background music, that is,  if you prefer a calm working environment with your laptop, like we do. The selection of premium quality beverages is classy and they also have a wide selection of yummy meals, ranging from pasta dishes to Indian to Japanese and Thai food. We usually have breakfast or lunch and are, so far, satisfied with what we get served,...

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Do not destroy Chinatown in Bangkok

Posted by on Apr 23, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

Equipped with smart phone GPS and map, with the determination to get to Bangkok’s flower market, speeding down via Chao Phraya river express we ended up in… China town. No flowers. Oh, well, being flexible we adapted the given plan to do the Chinese quarters in Bangkok! Expecting busy shop owners and a vibrant street side cuisine we were surrounded by surprising tranquility. It was midday and most of the shops had not opened yet, people were escaping the sunlight and little was going on in the streets. It was a relaxing lull before the storm atmosphere. Most streets were still decorated with beautiful Chinese lanterns dangling in front of shops after Chinese new year celebrations on the weekend – same same but different Thai new year :) Walking down in peace we turned into a narrow indoor street...

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Idyllic Bangkok market

Posted by on Apr 22, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

Too lazy to get up at 4 am to see the popular floating market we did alternative market sightseeing. Far from the city centre traffic, Bangkok showed its calm side in the Thewet area. Set next to the river, surrounded by bridges and small family houses, this was a picturesque market. Walking through it after busy morning hours was more relaxing than having to push along with the crowd at market peek times. Splashing water, dripping stalls  – be prepared to get wet nevertheless – some Thais even wear rubber boots at the market. The olfactory sensations were all there. A concoction of smells suddenly changing from sweet and pleasant, passing by scents of lemon and fruit to stringent sharp odour around the fish passage is not for sensitive noses. Nor eyes, watching suffering fish cramped in plastic containers,...

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Doing laundry in Bangkok…

Posted by on Apr 21, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 4 comments

…is best avoided. There are no coin laundries like we know, so the coin washing machines you will be able to use, if you find one, will stand anywhere next, in or outside a shop and has no dryer. You will have to come back in time as those filthy machine monsters are accessible by anyone anytime. Chances are rather slim that someone might sneak too big dirty ‘farang’-foreigner clothes, but it is best to be on time with those public washing machines. If you still want to do it that way, keep in mind that the humidity in Bangkok will take clothes to dry a lot longer. The other option is find a laundry salon, which will usually be incorporated into a barbers or hairdressers shop, or any other shop as a matter of fact with a sign...

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Fun at the Bangkok art and culture centre

Posted by on Apr 20, 2012 in All posts, Thailand | 0 comments

We visited this building to escape and cool off from the tropic temperatures walking through busy and hot Bangkok during the day. A few days before a very big black female torso and over dimensional bin with colorful litter scattered around caught our eyes but we just imaged it to be city decoration in front of another huge mall. As it turned out, we stumbled upon the art and culture centre, where we spent some time with Thai and international contemporary art as well as fun interactive art and an exhibition about the ongoing problem of HIV. I liked the photo exhibition of Philippe Ramette best, where perspective is turned upside down and still looks convincingly real and absolutely possible. Look at the pictures and see for yourself. The building is intriguing with two huge female statues reminding of...

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