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Taoist Temple in Taipei

Posted by on Jul 31, 2013 in All posts, Taiwan | 0 comments

Taipei is such a pleasant place. It is already creeping up my heart and becoming one of my favourite cities in Asia. The food is delicious, the metro system excellent, the people super friendly and the sights a lot of fun. Here is our find while strolling along the streets.   We got off at Yuanshan Station to find an ATM machine, that would accept our credit card but as we passed Dehui Street, we stumbled upon this fascinating temple. The ATM was forgotten.   I have to smile when I see those modern bright digital displays, contrasting with traditional, old architecture.   Walking into the front yard of the temple. The broad curving roofs are adorned with divine figures and traditional symbols of luck.   Dragons and carps are motives of good luck.   There were so many...

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Japanese shabu restaurant and French pâtisserie in Taipei

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in All posts, Taiwan | 0 comments

5th July 2013. We have arrived in Taipei and went to a shabu shabu (hot pot) restaurant today. Shabu Shabu means you are cooking the meal yourself in a metal pot with boiling water. We also indulged in some luscious cakes at one of Taipei’s French looking pastry shops. Food in Taipei is delicious and fun. The Japanese-style shabu shabu restaurant we visited is called Shabu-Sen (涮鮮日式火鍋). Location: Mínquan East Road, Zhongshan District. In between Minguan West Road Station and Zhiongshan Elementary School Station.   At Shabu-Sen you order a main platter of raw seafood, vegetables or meat. The order is always complemented by a bowl of shabu-shabu vegetables. You can also pick your soup broth flavour for an extra charge. We chose miso broth. To our delight, the menu was spoiled with seafood variety. Such a pleasant change...

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Live: Soulik Typhoon video news from Taipei/Taiwan

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in All posts, Taiwan | 0 comments

I think we are at the beginning of something. Something windy and destructive called Soulik – the mega typhoon coming our way. We are in Taipei since about a week and the weather is turning, in a bad way. Lots of flights have been cancelled and people were evacuated from coastal areas. We live in a 25 storey residential building on the 4th floor in Taiwan’s capital Taipei. Soulik was said to hit the island yesterday night but weather forecasts say it is going to hit us hard Saturday around noon. According to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau, Soulik was at sea about 320 kilometres southeast of Yilan county in northeastern Taiwan at around 4 pm (0800 GMT) Friday. The typhoon has winds of 173 km/h (107 mph) and moves forward at about 20km/h. Well, I can tell you, it...

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