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Radiation levels in Norway

Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in All posts, Norway, Radiation levels around the world | 0 comments

We carry a Geiger counter with us since we started the journey of perpetual travel and keep on checking radiation levels where ever we are. So far, we mostly have encountered friendly radiation levels, but occasionally freaky values do emerge. Here is some radiation we captured in Norway. To sum it up, in Norway, a country of nature, values of background radiation are not of concern at all, oscillating nicely at average levels. Values on the display of the Geiger counter are easy to understand, if you can compare them to typical values of background radiation. If you are the ambitious kind – or, at least for the sake of your physics teacher – read this, to be able to ‘read’ this:   14th August 2012. About 10 km from the craziest rock ever, called Preikestolen.   15th August...

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Doing time in Oslo and more tourist attractions

Posted by on Sep 11, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

Doing time in Oslo was fun. I mean, not behind bars, although actually, there were bars involved. Eh, you know what I mean. Tomek and I did couple quality time in Oslo. Basically, an aimless walking tour, that may prove to be in some way beneficial to the public. This post is about randomly entertaining sights in Oslo, that You, dear reader, might feel inspired to visit. I was very impressed with what’s going on in Oslo, watching the rise of a prospering capital from Oslo’s new opera hill. Norwegians are really making something out of their natural resources. You can feel construction sites vibrating as you walk through Oslo.   I am happy for the Norwegians. Because it wasn’t always like that. Look at Akershus fortress. How did high heeled queens and princesses cope on that castle terrain in...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr. 10 Oslo’s Holmenkollen

Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

Today I was planning to go skiing. In Oslo. Because that is now possible. At the Holmenkollen hill. The Norwegians build a classy ramp for high speed ski jumping. Holmenkollbakken is the name of the ski hill, reserved for ski jumping pros. Who head down the world’s toughest downhill slope. I was thrilled, prepared to shoot down the slope, like a real pro at 130km/h, without second thoughts, ready to push my athletic body to the limits, brave enough to challenge death and the world records for ski jumping. The sky is the limit, really, when sitting inside the Holmenkollen ski simulator. But once we got up the bleacher, happy to have reached the top of Holmenkollen, things started to get weird and… it all went downhill from there.   I think it is because I met this troll,...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr. 9 Oslo’s Opera House

Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

Think art and architecture. Think minimalist and modern. Think beautiful and bright. Think big and braille. Braille? Well, braille writing is covering the opera walls. Sure it is! Well, the architects say it’s old weaving patterns. Right. Not the slightest convinced, I read some of the braille aluminium dots myself.     The walls say: don’t touch the weaving patterns. Hm.   The Opera House uses up a lot of space and looks a bit like a space station in water.   Spaced out couple on the premises.   Because there is a lot of space, there is a bit of walking around. But pleasant. The white granite and white Italian marble is shiny and will lighten up any gloomy autumn days to come.   This is Kirsten Målfrid Flagstad. She was the famous Norwegian opera singer and a...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr. 8 Oslo’s Film Museum

Posted by on Sep 8, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

I love movies. You love movies. Everybody loves movies, that is why a visit to the Filmmuseet in Oslo is exactly the right thing. You will love the place. It features a nicely presented selection of displays on the history of film making. But there is more.   The museum is located at the Filmens Hus building, that has eight film-themed levels. Classic movies are screened five nights a week in the same building at the Cinemateket.   There are great inventions like Edison’s kinetoscope, a device that screened the very first motion pictures. Only seconds long, the short sequences of black-and-white blur, could be viewed only by one person at a time, by looking through a peephole-viewer, on top of a wooden casket. It caused a major hype at the end of the 19th century.   I learned...

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Ryanair – Beware!

Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 4 comments

You know how Ryanair has got a really bad image. People joke around on how Ryanair flies well but lands a long way from the target, how Ryanair is going to charge for on board toilet usage, how you will be able to book third class – standing in the aisle during flights. Except that these aren’t jokes – they are Ryanair’s profit maximising strategies.  Let’s start with the jokes. “Ryanair have charged Jennifer’s family £65 in excess baggage fees to bring her remains back to the UK.  – That’s what you get for not booking ahead.” I am not absolutely certain that hasn’t actually happened. I hope this one never will: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome on board this Ryanair flight. In the event of a sudden drop in cabin pressure, masks will drop down from above you. Please...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 6. Cats Knotts Nature

Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

I am a fan of nature. Wait, Tomek just overlooked my starting sentence and is smiling brightly. Great, he’s showing an intensified reaction. He is frowning and laughing at the same time. Love of my life. All right. Maybe I should start over. Norway is for nature lovers, which I am, UNLESS I am given the tempting choice to do city sights. Nature and city life unfortunately don’t mingle too well. However, when I do get the chance to come across nature, I love it. Like in Norway, where nature is stunning… where I truthfully enjoyed undisturbed countryside. I happily took paths up a hill, down a rock, across a fjord, near a waterfall. Moss and rock is BEAUTIFUL. The fact, that I got new trainers in pink for the hike, has little to do with it. I think....

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 5. Oslo’s National Gallery

Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

The craziest thing about the National Gallery in Oslo was Munch’s Madonna painting on the grey wall in exhibition hall ‘T’, hanging next to The Scream. I visited the Munch’s Museet in great expectation to see The Madonna THERE. It wasn’t there. Instead, Munch’s finest selection is right here, at the National Gallery. That’s actually more annoying than crazy, you’re right. There is no way to miss The Madonna at the National Gallery, who rests behind thick acrylic glass. The Scream and The Madonna are the only paintings behind a safety cover in the gallery. Despite those precautions I was captured by Madonna’s beauty and drama. That image is from Wikipedia. No picture taking allowed in room ‘T’. I refrained from Ninja photography, after Tomek gave me that disapproving look you give kids asking for wall painting in the...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 4. Hairy House and Troll

Posted by on Aug 26, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

Traditional Norwegians live in hairy houses. Well, they are not officially called that but in Norway old houses have bushy-fluffy rooftops. This is for cool architecture. The roofs grow moss and grass and protruding shrubbery, which makes them look like unkempt headdress covering beautiful wooden habitats. Roofs in Scandinavia have been covered with birch bark and turf since prehistory. Birch bark and turf. That is one crazy Scandinavian idea but very romantic and nice to look at. Not sure about actually living beneath turf, though.  During the Viking times most houses had turf roofs, mainly because they are difficult to build and, as I have elaborated in previous posts, Viking’s were badass and looking for hard-core challenges all the time.   Norwegians like retro design, which is not only confined to roof tops.   Everyone in Norway drives a...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 3. Paradise Beach

Posted by on Aug 25, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

This place is just awesome-cool and considering the geographical location (Norway!), an indisputably crazy sight. We visited a stunning Norwegian beach, a pearl in the midst of rough shores. I will remember this beach as the queen of beaches. She impresses with clean white powdery sand and crystal clear water, the colour of a turquoise lagoon. Grotlesanden beach competes with the sandy strip from that pleasing Bacardi commercial, which evokes summer feelings, successfully linking pleasure to increased alcohol intake. That’s what I had in mind, while we walked Norway’s paradise beach. The only thing missing on paradise beach are the coconut palms. But the greenery surrounding it is equally surreal. Here are some pictures for evidence. Wait. You gotta show a little bit of effort beforehand. Wait for the ferry.   Dress appropriately for the journey.   Then board...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 2. Oslo’s Sculpture Park

Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

You like kids, right? I do, too. I am not sure though if Gustav Vigeland did. That’s the second most famous Norwegian artist you should know after Munch. Vigeland depicted children in disturbing poses. But not solely. Vigeland was a very passionate and productive artist. He did sculpture figures of children but also of women and men, naturally naked and in all positions I could possible imagine. Vigeland was so efficient that he got some major space in Oslo’s Frogner Park, in order to design a whole sculpture open air gallery. So he did. Vigeland was the sole artist of Oslo’s sculpture masterpiece and his sculpture arrangement a lifetime commitment, which he started in 1906 and worked on until his death in 1943. The park houses about 200 statues and has an Art Deco architectural touch, so you can...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 1. Preikestolen Rock

Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

A must do and see and most of all, climb. The reward is really just a rock – even I was surprised how stone can get me so terribly excited. ‘Stone’ is an understatement. Preikestolen is a massive cliff that stands over 600 metres (1980 feet) tall above the huge and crystal clear Lysefjorden. Once you have walked up 3.8 km one way, you will be rewarded with a gigantic plateau for amazing pics. That’s for the cool part. If you want to go for crazy, do not do stupid things, such as taking risky pictures or running around naked (witnessed at the plateau), it doesn’t take that much effort to go crazy: simply climb up in THONGS. I did that. Story of a perpetual travellers life. Arriving from tropical Thailand in not-tropical-at-all Norway with high heel sandals and...

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Candy heaven Scandinavia

Posted by on Aug 19, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

By now you should know that food in Norway is serious business, leaving a hole in your pocket while padding out tummies with calories and blood vessels with cholesterol. What you don’t know is that those ginormous Viking bodies directly correlate to desert intake. Candy is why Norwegians are sweet Hulks. In Norway desert is not limited to a certain meal time sequence, it is considered a snack that is taken before, after, during or instead of the main meal. My pedagogically prejudice heart was torn, when I saw happy hyperactive children living on candy. In every Norwegian supermarket there is a huge candy shelf-wall, next to the average range of chips and snacks and sweets and crackers and biscuits and chocolates.   It looks like Sweden has similar eating habits. We took a 70 km trip from our...

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Food and hunting – Norway is for Vikings

Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

Food in Norway is no joke. It has been concocted to satisfy Viking stomachs and preserved in its original culinary state by following generations. Vikings were heavy weighters, the sort of guys that work out so hard at gyms, their veins pop from their bulky muscles. Violent pillagers, they were, hungry for loot, women and calories. Maybe they just had bad PR but truthfully, you do not visit Norway for its cuisine. The recent culinary trend toward itsy bitsy portions and tiny hand-crafted meals are not appreciated in Scandinavia. Norway screws culinary and fashion trends alike. Portions and clothing are pushing dimensions. Food portions are huge, the weather is tough, so are Norwegians. Culinary habits haven’t changed since Viking times, which are not for the wuzzy weakling. Spoiled by mouth-sized petit portions of vegan delight in Asia for the...

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Cool’n crazy sights in Norway Nr 7. Munch Museet in Oslo

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012 in All posts, Norway | 0 comments

The Munch Museet is a pleasurable distraction, if you cherish fin de siecle drama on canvas, like my dedicated self. Munch, the Norwegian artist, definitely had some psychological issues, which he transformed into impressive-distressing colour choices  and composition. Femme fatale, seductive and mysterious, tragic beauties, well captured in moments of contemplation and various states of disturbance, despair and expressive positions.   The Munch Museet.   I saw Munch’s ‘Scream’ and was impressed by the intensity of the layered sky painted mainly with the colour of blood, and the protruding fetal face expressing serious anxiety. Munch was intrigued by the dominant sky above the fjord, and symptomatic for his illness heard some kind of a scream from nature, which he visualised in his most famous painting. Public favourite and Munch’s darling, the red haired lover.   Here is a detail...

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