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All Malls and the Mall of All in Bangkok

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Thailand | 0 comments

Bangkok is the city of malls. And I do not mean the limiting standard conglomeration of shops like Zara or H&M for the average consumer that tend to dominate the market in Germany and Poland. I also do not mean the common Tesco sort of supermarket mall. Bangkok is not limited to the Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani and other haute couture overpriced bores but to a vivid spectrum of young, fresh and local designers and many many many specialized clothes, shoes, bags and accessory retailers I have never seen before. On top of an amazing variety of clothes, the malls are not mere clones of each other but each one has a very different variety of goodies and something special. There is the grand Siam Paragon Mall boasting a theatre (very progressive!), a cinema and IMAX, which you can...

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Getting Japanese bangs and haircolour

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 2 comments

Yesterday I felt like trying something different. To reinvent the way I look.  Since our trip to Japan,  the absolute trend setter,  I am under its fashion spell. If there is a concept of being at home with fashion, then this is what I felt like in Japan. Wearing clothes that you love without worrying about others’ criticism is the Japanese way to present new looks to the outside world. I lost myself to Harajuku show off fashionistas and I am nourishing a growing fascination for Japanese looks in their uttermost perfection, such as the schoolgirl Ko gal style or the anime inspired Kigurumin costumes or the predominant romantic casual Lolita look, which generates sweet looking Japanese females who masterfully mix the innocent cute with seduction. Long, brightly dyed, open hair (preferably with light waves), braids and bangs are...

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Ministry of Brazilian body waxing experience in Bangkok

Posted by on Apr 10, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Thailand | 1 comment

‘Brazilian waxing changed my life’ is a quote that apparently Gwyneth Paltrow made, that was hugely displayed in the beauty salon’s room. I can’t remember the other quote from Sarah Jessica Parker but  I was honored to receive the same treatment as those celebrities. Trying to get a cheap waxing deal in Bangkok, at first I considered a Khao San Road backpackers deal but the fact that they reuse the wax by filtering already plugged hairs out, made me reconsider.In the end proximity was my guide and since we have the super convenient BTS Sky Train  next to our hotel, I went to the Siam Discovery Center Mall to get the most expensive waxing treatment I ever had :)The sky train goes directly to all three Siam malls, you can even walk right into one of the Siam malls...

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