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Autumn Fashion 2014

Posted by on Nov 17, 2014 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 0 comments

Just popping in with a little outfit post. Lately I was absolutely infatuated with floral patterns and British fashion. All the clothes that are a bit more weird, eccentric or punk.  Words that to me more often than not describe British fashion philosophy. Fashion lovers of romantic or bold graphic patterns are not going to miss out on this year’s floral fashion movement. Whereas summer was more about flowers that visually jump out from your outfit, autumn is about what the ultra feminine love to wear, paired with rebellious accessories. This season, I went with flowery, Twiggy-inspired simple cut dresses and 1960s eye-liner, British patterns, paired with contrasting accessories. While in Prague, I spotted a new fashion store, which just sold a line of Jean Paul Gaultier designs. The striped kimono-style wrap was a keeper. It is a bit...

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Shopping in Granada and my summer fashion 2014

Posted by on Jul 20, 2014 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Spain | 1 comment

Spain is great for shopping. The country has brought about the most popular high street brand names and an unmatched retail success story of one Spanish man from Galicia, with such a low profile, not many are aware that he stands behind the globalised fashion industry wonder that is Zara. The company’s secret is not to spend much on advertising but rather on opening up at prime locations which has proved to be incredibly clever.By now, Zara is just one (major) part of Inditex, the largest clothing company in the world and mother of many fast fashion chains, namely Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, Uterque, Stradivarius, Tempe, Massimo Dutti. I was (not really) surprised to hear that my newest find in Spain, low-cost-fashion Lefties, is also part of that same family (selling Zara’s unwanted stock for bargain prices).  Zara...

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How to do Kawaii in Tokyo

Posted by on Dec 3, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Japan | 2 comments

Thank you Japan for washi tape, origami, sushi and Geisha girls. But most of all, thank you for kawaii. You are the mother of cuteness with a long history of lovely things, (ka meaning acceptable and ai meaning love in Kanji), dating back to the Edo period, which we will omit and dive straight into all the adorable kawaii things in new-ageTokyo that will make any girl say aww and go all mushy. Guys, if you get over yourself and be the male companion in kawaii day, you will be batting at a high on the awesome scale. So, here we go. How TO do KAWAII in TOKYO in 10 STEPS Number 1 ♛♠♣♥♦ SeT a KaWaii miNd FrAmE ♛♠♣♥♦ Make up something dreamy along the lines of… Dasza returns to the magic childhood world of Alice in Wonderland...

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100 Headpieces in LaForet Harajuku

Posted by on Nov 26, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 0 comments

Humanity has come a long way in the mastery of hatmaking, after that first animal skin was pulled over the head. I could tell by the queue to 100 Headpieces, stretching for as long as the staircase in Tokyo’s fashion bastion LaForet, located in trend setter district Harajuku. People came up to the last minute, to see the 100 Headpieces exhibition. Haute couture head coverings, created by Japanese fashion designer and stylist Katsuya Kamo for the biggies in the haute couture industry, like Chanel, Fendi, Kenzo, Junya Watanabe Comme de Garçons. Amazing how many people visited the exhibition, especially on that last day, a few hours before it ended. Just like us. Location: LaForet Museum (6F), 1-11-6 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.  Tickets: 500 yen.   The exhibition consisted of one cosy room with one hundred headpieces (I didn’t actually check...

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My colour/cosmetics obsessions spring/summer 2013

Posted by on Jul 27, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 2 comments

Black and white in a bit of a punk inspired fashion is the way to go for spring and summer this year. A must pattern for black and white, apart from stripes, stars and crosses, is the houndstooth. Characterized by broken checks, it forms an abstract four-pointed shape, that is classy and timeless. I love to break up my fashion foible of black and white combinations with a touch of gold. Recently, I got comfy black New Balance sneakers with a gold logo in Seoul in preparation for our intense Taiwan-Thailand-Macao-Hong Kong route. To neutralize the sporty-sneakers look, I got a perfectly long and flowing black skirt and a black easy-to-wear dress on our last days in Seoul. So much for the feet. For eyes, I am adding a bit of lush gold eye shadow. New additions are also...

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Beauty, Surgery, Love, Couple Fashion in Korea

Posted by on Jun 23, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, South Korea | 0 comments

Beauty, love and fashion are pretty important topics in most countries, however they tend to be more discreet and celebrated in a more personal way. In Seoul, these matters are quite a public phenomenon. Here a is how. *If you love someone, wear it. Holding hands was yesterday. Wearing the same outfit is the new thing. Absolute love goes all the way down to matching underwear. In contrast to Japan, Koreans do show their love public. Holding hands, hugging, kissing is not frowned upon.   *If you want to be more beautiful, get a face lift. Plastic surgery is the new Botox. Double eyelids, slim jaw-lines, prolonged noses and oval faces are standard procedures. Public proclamations of K-pop members about face lifts are normal. Role-models to follow. No one will blink an eye, if you had something done. There...

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Tokyo’s Harajuku fashion styles – I am a Lolita, Geisha, Mori Girl…

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Japan | 0 comments

Japanese live fashion. Japan’s fashion styles are as complex as its culinary pleasures and simply a delight to look at. I love fashion, I love girlie stuff and I am going to give you some insights about the various fashion styles you can expect to see, where to find dressed up Tokyoites and where to buy Harajuku style. I imagine you have watched the Harajuku background girls perform in Gwen Stefani‘s music videos and you like ‘wicked Harajuku fashion‘. Now is the time to step up. Here are 10 Tokyo’s fashion styles in a nutshell: 1. HARAJUKU. This is not one particular style but mainly Tokyo’s garish district where independent individuals find a space of freedom of self-expression in what is known to be a rather conservative Japanese society with overall stiff jobs, attitudes and work outfits. Harajuku is...

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What to do in Harajuku – 23 fashion, fun, food locations

Posted by on Mar 26, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Japan | 0 comments

You have probably heard of the most trendy place to hang out in Japan for the hip and fashion conscious. Tokyo’s Harajuku area has been the centre for unconventional outfits and styles. It is the mecca for fashion boutiques, souvenir shops and snacks, all of them mostly sweet and overly adorned. Harajuku is as kawaii as Japan gets. Let’s recap the Harajuku tour which we did last week and visit the 23 sweetest places in the neighbourhood. Equipped with treasure hunt instructions from the Meet The New Japan Campaign and pink eared guides, we wandered off to explore some fancy Harajuku shops.   1. DREAM STATION JOL HARAJUKU is the fortress for cutesiness. On Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori.   Young girls meet having a chat in the café about the newest chic of fashion subculture. They amend their make-over at...

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Tokyo’s best second hand shop and city (s)hopping

Posted by on Mar 23, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Japan | 12 comments

What a title. Deserves an explanation but you do get it all. Pictures of Tokyo which show the modern character of a capital – build out of the rumble of last centuries tragedies. Tomek and I were walking around Tokyo and I took some pictures which show the craziness and vastness of Tokyo’s modern geometric shopping streets and prevalent architecture. And you get the coolest second hand shop amongst all the shopping frenzy in Tokyo. Because here money seems to evaporate fast for all kinds of great things. I was having an eye out for neat fashion stores and on that day the nifty clothes and accessories store I came across was a second hand shop called MODE OFF. Location: 4-2-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo (open 11:00AM to 9:00PM), opposite McDonald’s, close to Ameyoko Street, they are a part of...

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Panasonic, Epilette, St.Moriz… Beautiful legs secrets

Posted by on Jan 20, 2013 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 0 comments

Finally I have moved from being a hairy monster to goddess of smooth legs. I can see and feel and most of all hear the difference (Tomek has made uplifting remarks). It took some time and experimenting to get here. In the beginning I was the typical teenage girl getting it on with the regular disposable Bic razor. But fast forward a day and tiny prickly needles were forming back on to destroy all shaving efforts. Add the occasional cuts and I was seriously wondering if models were superhuman. I am no blond nor ginger and my Slavic roots have given me the type of human fur that will let you survive some harsh Polish winters without pants or tights. Evolution here did not consider the benefits of hairless legs. But I did. And I will share. First of...

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On shoes and two Greek fashion brands

Posted by on Nov 25, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Greece | 0 comments

Looking for local fashion labels in countries we travel, we have come across two Greek designers that present unique treasures in their winter collection. Lucky me, I could stock up on winter boots before going to Cambridge tomorrow. I like shoes, like any other woman, just a bit more. So let’s start with footwear.   SHOES MADE IN GREECE The shoe maker Fotis Chaniotakis established his company in 1975 and produces hand-made shoes in Greece with two stores in Athens. They have designed the “Olympic sandal” for the Athens 2004 Olympic Games but sell more than sandals, creating exclusive shoe palettes. Twenty-five people are employed in the production line and that makes it sound like out of a story book, where diligent pucks and pixies sit together to manually work meticulous machinery, sewing and stitching to make the most...

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My Fall/Winter collection 2012/2013

Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 0 comments

Girls, winter is going to be glamorous. It’s all about luscious looks, smart and dark colours and distinctive accessories. I have even died my hair dark brown again. For this winter, apart from leather jackets (fake & animal friendly) the trend is oversize and comfy. Sweaters and ponchos with all kinds of patterns and cutouts. Silver, gold metallic embellishments, accessories and sequins are back this winter. All to make you shine. These are the fruits of my winter mall harvest in Athens. Enjoy. The SWEATER is a subtle apricot-rose colour and has tiny golden pearls: Stradivarius/Athens DRESS: Earth Music and Ecology/Tokyo SHOES: Deichmann/Budapest Yes, I am not wearing tights. I am in our apartment in Athens (hence the dull background) and although it is slowly getting chilly (as in 15-20 C) it was too hot to get into full...

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Purikura – Japanese and European style

Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Japan | 0 comments

Purikura is the Japanese way to get an amazing facelift. It’s a non-intrusive and fun operation. You walk into a spacious Purikura photo booth with your friends. Then you imitate Japanese perfectionist posing habits in front of a big screen. You get your pictures taken repeatedly, so as to allow a satisfactory amount of poses. You pretend to be a Japanese pop-star model. Then you get out of the booth and are faced with amusing Purikura transformations of yourself. Looking at your pictures will give you a bright smile and cause some personalised form of giddiness. You have just become a Japanese beauty ideal! The main thrill of Purikura is to get BIG EYES. This is not about European eyes. No, this is about getting doll shaped cutesy eyes with huge pupils, the desired and idealised look of Japanese...

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Fashionistas must dos & haves for Fall 2012

Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Hungary | 0 comments

Fashion. One of the most obscure art forms on the planet. Fashion fascinates. It has dictators, an enormous number of followers and just as many victims. It’s a parallel political system. To live fashion world without regrets, you got to stay informed. Because identifying fashion faux pas is not hard and you do not want to be one of them. I do not want you being laughed at behind your back. That is why I am going to help you decide, what to wear this fall. Let’s start with what to avoid, in Europe, but most definitely in Hungary, in Budapest, because that is where I am right now. Hungarians are fashion conscious. They invented a word for the kind of women, whose natural habitat is the mall. It reads: Plázacica – the mall cat. Doesn’t sound bad at...

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Bangkok’s parallel fashion world

Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Thailand | 0 comments

Thailand has been going through a creative renaissance over the past years with hip young designers churning out leading-edge creations. Bangkok has the potential to become Asia’s fashion hub. There are many young entrepreneurs with their tiny clothing boutiques securing their piece of the fashion cake. An amazing sight in Bangkok’s shopping districts emerge at night. The narrow streets beneath the sky-train platforms transform into a parallel fashion world of clothing stalls. These independent sellers, putting up their stalls at sunset, do not rely on industry contacts but on their own wits and talents, copying freshest fashion trends and reproducing best seller couture. A fun thing to observe, many tailored garments on the racks have cut out magazine pictures of original designs. When you see those street vendors across the street from the main fashion players, such as massive...

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Traditional and Trendy fashion in Malaysia

Posted by on Aug 8, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion, Malaysia | 2 comments

Fashion of Malaysia can be described as a clash and mixture of traditional Malay garments, conservative Muslim clothing and western influences. Malaysia is an ethnic fusion of Malays, Chinese and Indian minorities. You will see Muslim modesty, interspersed with the occasional Indian Sari and Malay patterned garments, but mostly, globalisation brings familiar, casual outfits into the streets. The influences of western styles is pervasive and part of fashion’s foothold. TRADITIONAL MALAY FASHION MEN wear the Baju Melayu, which is basically a loose shirt worn with a pair of long trousers. A Sarung or  Sampin is wrapped around the waist and left hanging half-way down over the pants. For the head there is a dark coloured fez-like cap, the  Songkok. Frankly, I have rarely seen Sarung and Songkok outside museums or tourist souvenir shops. Traditional WOMEN wear Baju Kurung, an...

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Fake bag discourse

Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 2 comments

The handbag is globally a crucial and fetish accessory for the female. In Malaysia you will be confronted or spoiled with ‘fake’ handbag stalls everywhere you go. The desire to own a real brand bag is omnipresent, to pay designer prices not so much, consequently the presence of many designer stores in posh malls not only serve to satisfy the rich, but largely enhance and inspire the production of replicas. Endless fake bag vendors line markets, shopping arcades, streets and metro halls. I don’t think I have seen as many women with fake bags as in Malaysia, although the tendency to owe what you can’t afford is prevalent in most countries. The fake bag issue fascinates, as much as the accompanying polarised debate about its right to be. I was wondering about the motivation to buy fake brands and...

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My fashion mall finds

Posted by on Jun 30, 2012 in All posts, Beauty and Fashion | 0 comments

After my great acclaim of Bangkok’s Platinum Fashion Mall here, I will share with you my precious finds – presented on myself :) I had three hours of shopping ecstasy fun at that vibrant clothing mall – all for a total of 2000 Baht – that is a worthwhile bargain. After the shopping spree I finished off with an impossible big ribbon hairdo, a one piece pink swim suit, an elephant(!) patterned mini dress, a Julia Roberts ‘Pretty women’ dotted dress (100% cotton), a marine dark blue business smart dress (also pure cotton), a dramatic bone shaped ring, a cute hummingbird flowers ring, an art nouveau dragon fly ring, some blue satin sandals and pink Vivienne Westwood plastic style shoes topped with a plastic red ribbon. It didn’t take long that I went back the other day and got...

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