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Tasty Tempura at Tenya – Tokyo’s cheap restaurant chain

Posted by on Nov 11, 2014 in All posts, Japan | 0 comments

Alongside sushi, tempura is Japan’s most known speciality dish. Softly battered and instantly deep fried veggies or seafood are served on rice in a rice bowl (tendon), with soba noodles, or simply as a side dish. Japan is known for keeping its food fresh despite the frying, tempura is truly Japanese when the taste of the vegetables is preserved and only lightly coated with a delicious layer of batter. Probably the best tempura deal in Tokyo can be devoured at Tempura Tendon Tenya 天丼てんや. Tenya is the Japanese specialist for tempura. A cheap restaurant chain with a very nice choice of tempura. Vegetarian friendly. And you will not spend more than 500 to 1000 yen for a good meal. We went to Tenya in Nippori. Location: 2-19-7 Nishinippori | Tochu Bldg, Arakawa, Tokyo. There is a list of all...

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Internet access in Cambodia

Posted by on Apr 29, 2012 in All posts, Cambodia, Perpetual travel issues | 0 comments

Mobile Internet access. Cambodia may not be the country you have in mind when you think about modern and reliable Internet access. However, if you arrive at Phnom Penh International Airport, the first thing you will see after leaving the terminal are booths selling SIM cards. The list includes Beeline, Smart Mobile, Hello, Cellcard, Mobitel, just to name a few from around 10 mobile operators in this country. The prices are competitive, and you usually pay $1 for a SIM card, and around $3 per GB of data. The guys from Smart Mobile needed my passport to sell a prepaid SIM card, and made its photocopy. On the other hand, Hello employees didn’t even mention the passport as a requirement. Your mobile phone needs a micro-SIM card? No problem, they will cut it on the spot for you: For...

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Internet access in Thailand

Posted by on Apr 10, 2012 in All posts, Perpetual travel issues, Thailand | 0 comments

Mobile Internet access After arriving from Japan, where the Internet access is very problematic for a casual tourist, it is surprising how easy it can be to go online in Thailand. If you need mobile Internet in your laptop, simply visit the nearest True Move shop (can be there are other providers, TrueMove shop in Siam/Bangkok was easy to access for me) and buy a True Move H 3G+ SIM card. It costs 99 baht (around 2.5 €) and comes with a few megabytes included. The guys in the shop told me their 3G works in 850 MHz frequency band and were not sure if it worked with my 3G USB modem (Huawei E160). As 99 baht is not a big deal, I just bought their SIM card and it worked flawlessly (as I saw later, Huawei E160 spec...

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Internet access in Japan

Posted by on Mar 24, 2012 in All posts, Japan, Perpetual travel issues | 0 comments

Contrary to what you may think, Internet access in Japan is a big problem for casual tourists. For once, there are virtually no public wireless hotspots in Japan. I mean, there are plenty of them, but you can only use them if you have a mobile contract. And, if you’re just for a few weeks in Japan, the chances are you won’t have one. Hotels – lots of them don’t have wifi, and where they have it, it may be problematic (i.e. no reception in your room). The common case is Ethernet in your room (at least it means it works stable). Shinkansen, the bullet train? Some boast free wireless Internet – of course, only if you have a mobile contract. What about buying a prepaid card which would offer you Internet access over Japan’s 3G network (*all* mobile...

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