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Autumn Fashion 2014

Autumn Fashion 2014

Just popping in with a little outfit post.

Lately I was absolutely infatuated with floral patterns and British fashion. All the clothes that are a bit more weird, eccentric or punk. 

Words that to me more often than not describe British fashion philosophy.

Fashion lovers of romantic or bold graphic patterns are not going to miss out on this year’s floral fashion movement.

Whereas summer was more about flowers that visually jump out from your outfit, autumn is about what the ultra feminine love to wear, paired with rebellious accessories.

This season, I went with flowery, Twiggy-inspired simple cut dresses and 1960s eye-liner, British patterns, paired with contrasting accessories.

While in Prague, I spotted a new fashion store, which just sold a line of Jean Paul Gaultier designs. The striped kimono-style wrap was a keeper. It is a bit of an odd cookie when compared to my other outfits.

I am also into bold colours, like in-your-face-gold, blue and burgundy red, which give the outfit a slightly sharper edge.

For some ideas on the modern twist of floral and striped trends, scroll down below for my visual autumn nirvana in Italy.


I am ready to plant myself on the nearest flower bed is in this sunny city.  But probably will stick to stairs.

autumn fashion 2014 Rome by Dasza Traveler


Golden boots, golden belt, heart shaped bag with a golden chain strap.  I am golden.

Rome fashion stairs Vinatge British flower look by Dasza Traveler


Absolutely looove dresses that swirl.

British vinatge style flower dress H&M by Dasza Traveler


Blending in with leafy colours of autumn.

autumn 2014 H&M dress Dasza Traveler


The great thing about Rome is that even in November, you do not need a coat.

Dasza Traveler in Rome


This pattern really matches the season and stone structures of Italy.

Dasza Traveler Rome autumn floral fashion 2014


A cute twist on the back, the visible zipper. 

autumn floral fashion 2014 Dasza Traveler  Rome


Straight from the granny’s closet. Or the vintage store in Prague to be exact. Now in Rome.

Autumn Fall Fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


Flower-power fashion that is not as psychedelic as the 60s hippies.

Autumn fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


Floral tribute. At night. With a red folk scarf from our trip to Krakow

Vinatge Autumn Fall Fashion Heart handbag Rome by Dasza Traveler


My most daring outfit…

Jean Paul Gaultier’s retro sailor prints, emblematic stripes. I can’t get enough of this kimono-style-wrap. Paired it with a delicately floral-patterned lace dress.

Jean Paul Gaultier kimono wrap dress Lindex Dasza Traveler


Lace versus chains. 

Jean Pual Gaultier Kimono wrap dress Lindex Owl belt by Dasza Traveler


White net tights with delicate flowers and dots complementing the look.

white net tights Benetton Dasza Traveler


Taking my clothes for a walk.

At the Cementerio Protestante in Rome.

Jean Paul Gaultier kimono vintage sailor wrap dress Lindex Dasza Traveler  


I wonder what John Keats would say. The British romantic poet that died in Rome. 

Jean Paul Gaultier kimono wrap dress from Lindex Dasza Traveler


The setting of the cemetery, like out of a Waterhouse painting. (There goes my Brit obsession again.)

Jean Paul Gaultier kimono wrap dress Lindex Dasza Traveler Rome Cemetario Protestante


Outfit breakdown

Flower Wrap – Art Deco Galerie (Prague/Old Town, Michalská 21)
Kimono – Jean Paul Gaultier for Lindex
Floral Pattern Dresses – H&M
Net Tights – Benetton
Red Owl Belt – New Look
Golden Belt – Mango
Bag – Lindex
Red shoes Red – Norteñas Calzados
Gold shoes -Venezia
Black shoes – Geox

I hope winter is not going to come too soon!

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