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Best of Koh Samui – Where to sleep – Our hotels

Best of Koh Samui – Where to sleep – Our hotels

To find the best place to stay on Koh Samui, we searched all along the coast and compared various hostels, hotels and resorts.

We were looking for a nice place that would shelter us for a month.

Our wish was to find a hotel, located right at the beach. And the dream, a room with sea view and the beach at our doorstep.

Sounds easy, right? I mean it is an island, so there will be plenty of beach bungalows.

But no. Either the prices were shocking or the dwellings were off putting. The rooms aged, mouldy, damp, next to noisy generators or far away from the beach.

Two days later, sun burned and a bit worn out from all the driving and inspecting, we found it. The perfect beach with a nice hotel.  

 Therefore, if you ask us…


…we can recommend a few places.

1.Silver Beach Resort.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


The hotel is located right at the most beautiful beach of the island. Tongtakien Beach.

Because beach and beach are not the same on Koh Samui. Trust me on this one.

Best of Koh Samui


Peaceful, no music, no beach sellers, no party folk.

You will most likely know all the people on this secluded strip of sandy perfection.

Best of Koh Samui


I especially love the calm waters of this lagoon.

Also my new sunglasses. Big enough to cover the whole face. Not sure about the warm rocks though, which would cause interesting radiation levels.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


 And there was mystery. Twisted droppings. Is there a connection to that man in the picture? I will never know.

 Best of Koh Samui


Silver Beach Resort is ironically probably the best place with definitely the worst reviews on the net. (Funny – I spotted us on their amateur hotel pictures on

That is because management, a friendly local Thai family and their staff, sitting on prime beach estate, do not make much of an effort to accommodate new arrivals as much as they could.

And they have many different categories. You might end up getting a room set behind the busy street that separates the other, gorgeous part of the place. Or they show you the huts that have no seaview at all (totally wasting their potential).

The best rooms are kept a secret. (They also fall into the most expensive category.)

But if you drive up there yourself, bond with the owner lady and ask for their nicest room, they will proudly show you their new building, six rooms, three rooms on each floor, with huge windows facing the beach.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


 Our balcony made for a fine office. Although sorta shared, the neighbouring rooms were mostly empty when we lived here.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


From up here, I could have a good eye on Tomek going for a morning run and dip.

Best of Koh Samui


The common area/restaurant. Everyday, we could see people who had come just for the beach from other hotels, passing right through it. 

Best of Koh Samui


Silver Beach does not exactly fit the term resort but that is its asset. Picture a comfy budget bed and breakfast.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


Silver Beach Resort looks like it has been stuck in the past. Even the new additions have a retro vibe.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do

 The family decorates themselves.

Our room had a fancy glowing picture with a golden frame that generated waterfall noise. We could mask out the sound of the ocean waves and transform the beige room into a green jungle in one click.


 The owners practically live there and you will meet them and their staff at any time of the day.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


We paid about 33 Euros a night including breakfast. A special due to our second time monthly stay. Regular prices are around 55 Euros.

But waking up to the sunrise above the crystal blue ocean is priceless really.

Breakfast is served I think until 10 am. Which we shared with the birds.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


Breakfast is basic but yummy. There are always the same options to choose from. We opted for toast/butter/jam, tea, the fruit plate and eggs.

And one day, we were to choose between a red and blue pill. Truthfully, I don’t remember what exactly is going on here. But it was a good day.

Best of Koh Samui


 Pancakes with honey and coconut shake. Morning bliss on Koh Samui.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


The coconuts came straight from the palms in front of our balcony.

Best of Koh Samui


There were also some cats living at the resort but no dogs (I am more of a tail-wagging friend).

However, there are many stray dogs that live on Koh Samui. They are shy and harmless. 

You can share your food and enjoy their friendly nature.

Best of Koh Samui


We took care of this dog for the length of our stay and placed a bowl of milk and something to eat in front our door. She would always come to us in the evening. Such a sweet creature.

BTW if you see an dog in need, you can help by contacting the Koh Samui Rescue Foundation.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


So, this was about the best stay we had on Koh Samui!

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do

 Now, the second best.


2. Crystal Bay Resort.

Not really a resort either, but much bigger than Silver Beach. You can see that because the two structures are located right next to each other.

We stayed here at first because it looks much, much nicer.

We had a great room, with a great terrace.

Best of Koh Samui


But then we moved. The common area was tiny and there was no relaxed way to sip your shakes and work on laptops aside from our room. Their food was a bit too pricey. 150 Baht for a fresh coconut. We live on coconuts on Koh Samui.

The hotel is run by newly baked Dutch owners. They were still at the stage of remodelling the hotel, there was a lot of construction going on.

We were able to negotiate a price of 45 Euros the night for a 35m2 suit with that amazing terrace.

Best of Koh Samui


I am now at an age where party translates to pristine and peaceful.

Tongtakien Beach is a special strip on the coast of Koh Samui. No matter what hotel you pick.

Dasza Traveler on Koh Samui


If you like to see more pictures from the hotel and what we check on when booking a hotel, there you go.


3. Mercure Hotel.

Very tastefully decorated rooms with western standard.

Mercure Hotel is a French franchise. Located in Chaweng. I think there is one more on the island. 

The hotel is further away from the beach. This means a huge drop in room pricing and incredible rise in room quality.

I even got inspired by the cosy interior to do a fun fashion session with the sugar sweet dresses I had bought at Bangkok’s Fashion Mall

Before we declared Silver Beach Resort our home, we stayed a few days at pretty Mercure Hotel for 35 Euros a night.

A comfy place to work. And eat. A. Lot. Of. Seaweed.

 Best of Koh Samui


A few final tips on…



We would use the internet of the hotel but in order to be more independent, especially when riding our motorbike around the island, we bought a True SIM card at Tesco Lotus.

Best of Koh Samui


The other times we were on Koh Samui, we used AIS as a provider.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do



Another issue you might come across is where to do laundry on Koh Samui.

Hotel’s charge a fortune for dry cleaning and washing stuff in the sink is no fun. Ask Tomek, the sink-wash-master, when we don’t have access to a washing machine, like in our tiny condo in Fukuoka, Japan.

On Koh Samui, plenty of laundry salons happily take your dirty load.

Most salons use modern washing machines (so no hand wash jobs on your underwear) and charge by weight. About 50 Baht per kilo. The rip-off salons charge by piece, just like a hotel.

Do Do Laundry was quick and we would pick up our clothes clean the next day. They also do express dry cleaning.

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do


The cheapest way to do laundry on Koh Samui is with the DIY wash salons. But they are not easily found and you have to waste time watching over your stuff.

Best of Koh Samui



There are many exchange offices, ATM machines and banks on the main beaches (Chaweng and Lamai) on the island. 

A bank on Koh Samui. The most expensive car on the island?

Best of Koh Samui - Where to eat Where to sleep What to do

☺ Hope this was inspiring ☺

Have fun on our treasured playground that is Koh Samui

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