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Do as the Romans do – Laser Tag

Do as the Romans do – Laser Tag

To make the most of our stay in lovely Rome, we like to do as the Roman’s do.

We met Fabio, a real Italian and this is how we ended up at Laser Tag. Shooting each others asses.

I was new to the game, but I guess one is never too old to try out weird stuff.

This is how it went.

Each player is dressed in a black vest with various illuminating spots at the front and back.

Their brochure made it seem that the girls are to dress like this.

Hot Laser Tag girl by Dasza Traveler

Somehow I managed to slip through the net.

The Laser Tag vests are the blackest black. Attached to the vest is the gun, bigger and badder, than I thought, even if the players are not. There is no creepy muscle-gym clientèle. People, as in the youngsters, smile and look socially stable.

I am relieved.

The team is not quite as geeky as I had expected them to be. They are very friendly, even a little shy when they introduce themselves.

We are introduced to the Laser Tag community by Fabio, our super host for the evening. He is like the leader of the mini gorilla Laser Tag group. In a month, he and his fighters will compete in the Laser Tag Championships in Milan, if I remember correctly.

As Fabio explains the rules, I watch the guys distribute vest sets, untangle straps and test aim their laser guns.

It becomes clear that, despite the teams’ daily jobs (or student lives more like), playing Laser Tag is their true passion in life.

Not really grasping all the details of scoring – Fabio goes into great lengths on how to get extra points, I at least remembered that the gun only works when held with both hands. The front trigger has to be held down at all times to be able to trigger the laser beam with the other hand.

Just a little info on the gun display.

Laser Tag Italy Explanation Gun Display Chart by Dasza Traveler


Honestly, the gear is a little intimidating at first. They look big and I am, well, I am little. But everyone gets the same gun and vest.

Thankfully, there is no headgear with a hit point. No need to aim at the head and be all psycho killer. Getting laser beamed to the eye is no fun either but everyone seems to know that and plays fair. Hitting the opponent’s illuminated dots on the vests and on their gun is all there is to it.

The pictures are dramatically foggy which are no added special effects. The place, located in a spacious basement, was rather misty and damp. Breathing conditions weren’t top notch but hey, a bunch of guys running around with guns, wasn’t going to be all flowers and Fendi.

Laser Tag Tomasz and Dasza Traveler


And off we went into another area and into the darkness, a huge black hall, divided by fluorescent walls, passageways and ramps, on various levels.

From now on I was Lara Croft. Every player gets a new identity with the gun. Personality disorders are easy to hide at Laser Tag.

Laser Tag Gun Display Points Lara Croft by Dasza Traveler


After an initial couple team up with The One, we grow confident enough to conquer the grounds on our own.

Crouched behind a black wall, I peek through a tiny window. I spot someone running past my trap. I aim for his gun. I fire. A long sharp red laser beam hits my opponent. The display on my gun adds on points. Excellent.

I run up the ramp and past a ticking bomb we are supposed to reactivate through a shot, but too late. The bomb goes off. I stay paralysed for 4 seconds. Sounds serious but does not hurt, nor mess with your nervous system. I can move perfectly well, while my gun stays inactive. Not to be able to shoot for seconds, feels like forever.

So I move on. Somehow I got myself into the cellar level, only a metal lattice fence dividing me from the guys running one level above me. I can see them walking over me but is difficult to shot through the metal from beneath. Instead, I get shot and make a runner for the upper ramp. With a perfect overview I reflect on my tactics. 

I am the only girl on the field.

Instead of running out commando-style and shooting everything I see, my tactics are set. I would wait for my enemies to come to me. 

Finally I  have to leave my perfect trap. A loud signal tells us, the battle is over.

After the game, we get our score sheets. It has all kinds of interesting details, like whom you have shot and also who shot you (this might spark up your relationship).

Anyway, I made rank six. Fantastic! Tomek, aka Scarface on rank four.

 Laser Tag Score Sheets by Dasza Traveler


Wait, how many people were we? Six. Oh. Well, at least there is room for improvement.

Despite my overall aversion to things that require running in life, I can picture myself returning to get their small asses.


Location: Xcalibur Laser Game Roma, Via Tripoli 147, Rome.

Weekend impressions in love-ly Rome


Laser Gamers (or whatever the politically correct name) deserve a snack. Fabio took us to this popular sandwich bar nearby. They make fresh sandwiches with mozzarella and rucola and other yummy ingredients.

Location: Gian Gusto,Viale Eritrea 93, Rome.

Weekend impressions in love-ly Rome 


We had exotic drinks, too.

Weekend impressions in love-ly Rome


Nom. Drinks and sandwich tortilla roll were only about 7 Euros.

Weekend impressions in love-ly Rome

Just as good as Laser Tag.

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