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Traveler’s SIM card deal in Italy

Traveler’s SIM card deal in Italy

There seems to be little competition in the SIM card department in Italy.

The usual ordeal, we were looking for a way to stay connected, this time in Rome.

Our apartment comes with was advertised as ‘free Internet’ and that is a giveaway to the Internet situation in Italy. Portable WIFI eggs are something we have only enjoyed in South Korea and Japan so far. I know Vodafone is experimenting in Germany but overall Europe is not quiet there yet. Many apartments in Rome are offered in a way that makes WIFI a very special bonus feature.

Anyhow, WIFI at the apartment worked fine up until we had a power shortage. Which couldn’t be solved until the owner had time to arrive and fix it.

So we really needed to get a SIM card.

Even without internet, we found three shops with three internet providers, right next to each other, on the main shopping street in Trastevere.

Vodaphone and Wind Italy by Dasza Traveler

The internet offers (we just need internet, no calls, nor SMS – as we use Viber, Whatsapp and Skype to chat, call and message):

Vodafone. Their best deal was a 40 Euros SIM card and 2 GB. Kinda pricey.

TIM. Italy’s Telecom. They were already closed at 4 pm on a Thursday. (I secretly wonder, if they had the better offer.)

Wind. Our choice. 30 Euros for the SIM card. Then you can choose – 3 GB, 6 GB or 12 GB with accordingly many free calls/SMS. It takes about three hours after the purchase for the first confirmation-SMS to arrive to get going.

Wind Italy Internet Provider by Dasza Traveler

BTW we had also asked at the airport but were told that we needed to sign a contract to enjoy the Internet in Italy… which obviously you don’t. 

Killing some time at an Italian coffee house until the SIM card had been activated. Italian coffee shops are like little food spas.

Italian bistro in Rome

They don’t just serve coffee. They have pizza and pasta and all kinds of antipasti and sweets. People walk in, drink at the counter, have takeaways or sit down. The bistro like places are very flexible and open until late.

Our coffee for WIFI deal. We were using their WIFI and drinking some mild Italian coffee for only 1 Euro a cup, served with a free glass of tap water.

Italian Coffee Bistro in Rome by Dasza Traveler

We don’t really drink coffee but Italians are not really tea drinkers. Coffee for WIFI was fair. And the coffee wasn’t bad at all.

The power shortage was sorted, wind is a breeze of Internet and now we are fully connected in Rome!

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