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Shopping in Granada and my summer fashion 2014

Shopping in Granada and my summer fashion 2014

Spain is great for shopping.

The country has brought about the most popular high street brand names and an unmatched retail success story of one Spanish man from Galicia, with such a low profile, not many are aware that he stands behind the globalised fashion industry wonder that is Zara.

The company’s secret is not to spend much on advertising but rather on opening up at prime locations which has proved to be incredibly clever.
By now, Zara is just one (major) part of Inditex, the largest clothing company in the world and mother of many fast fashion chains, namely Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, Uterque, Stradivarius, Tempe, Massimo Dutti.

I was (not really) surprised to hear that my newest find in Spain, low-cost-fashion Lefties, is also part of that same family (selling Zara’s unwanted stock for bargain prices).

 Zara and Co line the best streets in town. No different to most other cities in the world, it is placed so as not to be missed. Inditex enjoys the same privilege in shopping malls.

Made in Spain can be seen all over Spain! Genius thought, I know.

Shopping in Granada


To make matters worse, or not, Spain is a fantastic shoe producer. Wherever in the world they are produced, I did see loads of Made in Spain shoes. Despite this,  shoes are very cheap here. Most shoe chains in Spain barely pass the 5o Euros mark.

Some are cheap not only regarding the price, but trendy. Like popular shoe chain Marypaz.

Shopping in Granada


Some are more traditional and better quality but sadly not all will withstand competition.

Shopping in Granada


I would have bought at least two pairs at Lucy’s but they only had one pair left in my size.  It probably won’t have saved Lucy anyway.

Shopping in Granada


Back to the made-in-Spain-super-chain.

Inditex is very generously spaced out at Granada’s Serrallo Plaza Centro Comercial, surrounded by other global players, such as H&M, Mango and anything else that easily masks what country I am shopping at.

Inditex is bringing latest catwalk trends to the masses. And I am easily tempted, especially by yesterdays rebajas (sale) bargains.

Shopping in Granada


Location of Serrallo Plaza: Paseo Lagunas de Cameros 1, Granada.

Shopping in Granada


How to get to  Serrallo Plaza: Bus number S0 or S2. You have to buy a new ticket every time you board a new bus but we were lucky to catch our first ride for free!

Shopping in Granada


After getting a coffee with milk booster at Serrallo Plaza, here is what we, mainly me, brought home from Serrallo.

The One watched a Chinese family turning the mall’s seating area into a trash dump and, probably tired of waiting, got himself these neat espadrille-loafers.

Shopping in Granada


My pile.

shoes clothes summer fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


These comfy Geox shoes were 50 and 30 percent off.

Shopping in Granada


The best find for summer, after getting thoroughly soaked at Porto’s breaker walls, I am finally replacing my worn-out foot gear.

Geox black and pink shoes summer fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


Zara gave me this pineapple dress. Barely 20 Euors. What a bargain!

Zara pineapple dress and Mango belt  summer fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


Mango gave me two cute blouses for the price of one and accessories, a golden wrap-around belt and a two-part ring.

Mango blouse belt summer fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


Half price Mango pure cotton blouses for 8 Euros a piece. Matching pink and silver Zara shoes for 15 Euors in leather (unfortunately!).  

Mango pink blouse silver pink Zara shoes summer fashion 2014 by Dasza Traveler


Made in Spain or bought in Spain but from all over the world. The benefits of globalisation!

Chanel advertisement Dasza Traveler

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