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Portuguese Easter Eats

Portuguese Easter Eats

Easter is a big thing in Catholic and miracle-abuzzed Portugal.

If you come to Portugal during Easter, like we did and like to try out some edible Portuguese traditions,  like we would have liked to do…

…but couldn’t because on Easter Sunday stores were closed, commemorating Jesus Christ’s resurrection from death, rather than filling the stomachs of those dying of hunger…

…the traditional Portuguese Easter munchies are:

pão de ló  and folar de pascoa.

Pão de ló is airy textured sponge cake made with an awful lot of eggs.

Folar de pascoa is Portuguese Easter bread, sometimes stuffed with ham and adorned with hard boiled eggs.

Eggs feature heavily in Portugal’s pastry-bakeries. Not only on Easter.

Folar de pascoa.

Try this food in Portugal

Fresh and fluffy pão de ló cake. And smelling of raw eggs.

Try this food in Portugal

Plain version.

Try this food in Portugal

Chocolate version.

Try this food in Portugal

Where to buy Easter pastry?

If you like to try the best pão de ló cake and folar Easter bread, the pastry shop to go for pão de ló is super popular Leitaria da Quinta do Paço.

For folar, visit traditional Loja dos Pastéis de Chaves.

Those two places in Porto are worth a visit for delish pastry all year round.

Dear gourmets, this post was meant to go up on Easter… but somehow life got in the way.

I hope you had a happy holiday.

Easter Bunnies Dasza Traveler

I also made this Lisbon food search for you!

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