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Mobile phone internet for travelers in Portugal

Mobile phone internet for travelers in Portugal

If you are planning to visit Portugal for not longer than a month, you can get a very good offer from Meo – the Portuguese brand name for telecommunications services provided by Portugal Telecom.

Meo sells a SIM card for €10 – that includes 10 GB of internet traffic and a €5 credit which can be used for phone calls and is valid for one month.

We found the offer in one of Meo‘s mobile phone and internet shops at Lisbon’s Armazens do Chiado shopping mall. There are three different providers to choose from – one was Vodafone, the other Optimus but Meo clearly won.

The super deal.
Mobile phone internet in Portugal


This start package was enough for our first four weeks in Portugal. Now, that we have decided to prolong our stay on Portuguese Madeira island, where no internet connection comes with our rented house (sigh), we just bought a new SIM card with the same offer for our other phone. We found a Meo shop in Ponta do Sol, the closest small village to our house on Madeira. But there are many more, especially in Madeira’s main city, Funchal.

Meo‘s alternative crappy deals. It was absolutely not worth it to get a contract and top up the same card. In the top left corner, the advertised special offer “gratis 1 mes”.

Meo mobile internet prices Portugal


The shopping mall in Lisbon with all those internet providers and Meo is on Zona Pedonal… which is not a street name! So here is the location: Armazens do Chiado Shopping Centre, Rua do Carmo, 2 in the Chiado district, Lisbon.

Quirky Sights of Lisbon

I am standing right next to the building in the picture. It was actually the largest shop in 1894 and reopened in 1999. There is not much grandeur left but a food court at the top with views over the city… and them mobile providers.

Happy surfin’ in Portugal!

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  1. Thanks for this very useful tip, I didn’t see that offer mentioned on sites comparing mobile internet options for visitors to Portugal. Actually, it’s not even listed on meo’s own website.

    One question though – which tariff did you activate to avail of the 10GB offer?

    • It’s a special offer, you need to ask the staff for one which gives you 10 GB internet.

  2. I went to the Meo shop in the Forum Algarve shopping centre in Faro at the end of July. The best offer available at that time was a €10 SIM card which gave just 300MB of data (can’t remember what the voice text allowance was) which could be topped up with a further €15 to give 15GB of data valid for 30 days. They sorted it all out in the shop. Very helpful staff.

    • Thanks for sharing :)

  3. There’s now a company Portugal Internet that sells low cost data SIM cards and rents wifi /mifi hotspots all with unlimited traffic. They can deliver at the airport, hotel
    or residence.

    • Thanks for the update!

  4. Just another update for those who come across this outdated info (I suppose). Last time I went to Portugal (February 2016) I flew with tap and infligh they had in their catalog a MEO data SIM card. 15GB for 15days. Which I found really decent. I only stayed for a week so I have no idea if it would be enough for 2 weeks but we can top it to had more traffic and time. €15 the price. For 15days with 15Gb. And the service is really good.

    • Thanks for the update!

  5. Does anybody know, if I can buy the MEO simcard at the airport in Madeira?

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