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How to do Kawaii in Tokyo

How to do Kawaii in Tokyo

Thank you Japan for washi tape, origami, sushi and Geisha girls. But most of all, thank you for kawaii.

You are the mother of cuteness with a long history of lovely things, (ka meaning acceptable and ai meaning love in Kanji), dating back to the Edo period, which we will omit and dive straight into all the adorable kawaii things in new-ageTokyo that will make any girl say aww and go all mushy.

Guys, if you get over yourself and be the male companion in kawaii day, you will be batting at a high on the awesome scale.

So, here we go.


Number 1

♛♠♣♥♦ SeT a KaWaii miNd FrAmE ♛♠♣♥♦

Make up something dreamy along the lines of… Dasza returns to the magic childhood world of Alice in Wonderland adventures, where she unites with her friend Mai. They learn about their true destiny. To conduct a surreal kawaii day and end the Red Queen’s reign of terror. It might just work.
Writers: Dasza Traveler (blog), Lewis Carroll (books)
Stars:  Mai Shiiscute, Caz the Kawaii, Tomasz Traveler


Number 2

♛♠♣♥♦ wEar CuTe OutfitS ♛♠♣♥♦

Think Lolita style. Not kinky kawaii role play (this is what you can tell your man however), instead aim towards cute, innocent and romantic. Bows, ribbons, lace, ruffles, rings, shiny crystals, Peter Pan collars, hairbands, fashion wigs, creamy white and soft pink colour palettes. Basically, choose accessories and colours you haven’t worn in a long time or never. Invest in some kawaii stuff, you might even like it. For guys, vintage bowties, short ties, vests, polka dots, houndstooth and stripes will do the job. I used to be an ambivalent kawaii person until I discovered Harajuku fashion.

The background of the bottom picture actually said “Ranking Queen”. And Mai and me, we totally ranked.

Kawaii Day retro style Tokyo Dasza Traveler


Number 3

♛♠♣♥♦ hAve KaWaiI dRinKs ♛♠♣♥♦

Warm up for the magic day with nothing less than cute brews. Japan has lots of that. Go to any conbini and watch out for cute characters on the bottles. And mugs. No alcohol (not before dinner). We don’t want to look trashy kawaii but try to keep up the innocence and play out the idea of cuteness for as long as possible.
For starters we had Alice in Wonderland “Raspberry & peach drink – Happiness!”. Sweet.

Japanese Rilakumma bear mug Alice in Wonderland drink


Number 4

♛♠♣♥♦ MaKe KaWaiI (plastic) CaKeS ♛♠♣♥♦

What women does not like cup-cakes and sweetly adorned pastry? Japanese cakes, especially the strawberry Christmas stuff, are the kawaii-calorie-overkill. Available at any conbini. I approach the dessert shelves in that store and it is like going into a sugar coma. All euphoria and drooling.

Which is how I felt when walking into Yodobashi’s electronics store in Akihabara – right past the electronics – towards the DIY cutsey crafty toys. Where I invested into a four cakes set to cream-glue together, which would become insanely cute keyrings. Baking was never so easy. And you get to play with cream. Try not to get dirty. Ew.

Japanese Plastic cake models Dasza Traveler


Number 5

♛♠♣♥♦ uSe kaWaii naiL StiCkers ♛♠♣♥♦

Kawaii-theme your hands. If there is one thing that women love more than fashion (and this is a questionable statement in itself), it is decorating. Which is why our kawaii day started with a kawaii nail-finger-hand makeover. Fingers were adorned with pearl rings, pink owl, butterfly, tree and romance-couple gold rings.

Did I say that during our kawaii day we got a free hand peeling at one of the lush cosmetics shops in Omotesando? We did and it was just oh so pleasant.

Anyhow, for the foreplay at home, I got some Alice in Wonderland nail stickers and we got totally into it. Like some floating hands experience during a 1920s séance. Kawaii magic.

Kawaii nail stickers Alice in Wonderland Dasza Traveler


Number 6

♛♠♣♥♦ Go tO Café Q-Pot ♛♠♣♥♦

Be mesmerized and enchanted in the charmingly girly and fancy-kawaii cake heaven that is this small but cosy café in Tokyo. Teapot lamps hanging from the ceiling, big biscuits forming walls, cute wallpaper and a big deco cake on the table. We were stepping into a fairytale chocolatière.

You can order cupcakes, pralines, cakes and macarons which will be served in form of jewellery on décolletés and hands, I mean plates! 100% kawaii.
Location: 3-10-21 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, close to Omotesando Station.

Cute Q Pot Cafe Tokyo Omotesando Jewellery cake plate Dasza Traveler

Have a mad tea party and give yourself riddles, like “Is jewellery edible?”. Or act out Marie Antoinette in her best decadence. Whatever you do…  “Let them eat cake!”

Q Pot Cafe Tokyo Dasza Traveler


Number 7

♛♠♣♥♦ see a JaPanEse KawAii WedDinG ♛♠♣♥♦

I cannot imagine more sickly sweet clichés than the bride-groom ceremony in white. In Japan, your stereotypical super wedding is full on (without Christian doctrine intervening). On our kawaii day, we just happened to see newly weds walking the impressive stairs of the beautifully fake cathedral. Like story book royals in posh district Omotesando.

At the end of the ceremony, the couple let go a bunch of pink and white dove shaped balloons, which we watched rise up into the night. I was in deep kawaii hypnosis by that time.

Tokyo Wedding Dasza Traveler


Watch a Japanese western style wedding.


Number 8

♛♠♣♥♦ ReaD kaWaii MagaZinEs ♛♠♣♥♦

Even if some of us girls might not openly admit it, all women love to dress up, decorate, craft and bring on the cozy cute stuff, which is just as enjoyable as reading about it. What is Kyary’s latest fashion, how to get that innocent doll’s look, how to get a Japanese soft wave perm, how do redecorate all rooms and make vintage picture frames. What gossip rags deliver to western woman, kawaii dailys are the equivalent for female Japanese dreamers.

See this hiragana writing かわいい on the pictures? It means kawaii!

Kawaii girls magazines Japan Dasza Traveler


Number 9

♛♠♣♥♦ DinE witH ALice in WonDerLanD ♛♠♣♥♦

Enter a world of wonder and kawaii at the Alice in Wonderland restaurant. The place boasts Alice-themed interiors, soft pillows, theatrical curtains, Alice-Cheshire cat-and-caterpillar dishes, an army of Alice waitresses… my brain is bleeding.

Location: 1-6-2  Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, T-wing building B2F. To find it, it is like a walk down the rabbit hole, down the stairs to the basement floor. You then enter through a huge sliding door into a dimmed Alice ambience.

The restaurant has figured out how to trick customers into spending more money just by offering a fold-out story tale menu book, cutely arranged average and overpriced meals, an arty-magical Lewis Carroll environment (works well on female customers) and Alice in Wonderland servants in sexy maid outfits (works well on male customers).

You will be served your food with a short story, told by one of the innocent Alice clones in naughty short blue uniform dresses. Basically, the story goes that whatever you eat, you will shrink. To get back to normal you gotta drink their tea which you get as a goodbye-present.

Alice in Wonderland restaurant Tokyo Dasza Traveler

The pop up surprise.


Alice in Wonderland restaurant fun Tokyo Dasza Traveler


When we came home I thought Tomek looked a bit smaller than usual. Not to worry. We drank the magic growth tea.

Alice in Wonderland tea shrinking Dasza Traveler


Number 10

♛♠♣♥♦ dO a kAwaIi phOtO sessIon ♛♠♣♥♦

Get a professional Japanese and everlasting kawaii look by entering the purikura photobooth. You will get the “You are so kawaii it is not fair” image (purikura marketing in Japan).

Purikura Japan beauty photobooth Dasza Traveler

The greatness of purikura – after all the glitter and glamour has been washed off your body, you will have your kawaii portrait forever. Still adorable when you are hangover and looking like a smoking caterpillar.

All women need to indulge in a kawaii moment every once in a while ♛♠♣♥♦

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  1. You can also talk Kawaii. The key is high pitch voice and slow (almost too slow) speaking speed. I talked kawaii to my students the other day, and they were so enchanted that they couldn’t stop laughing XD

    • Haha, can’t wait to hear what they say when they find out you have been to Totoro’s house. Can’t wait to do the trip either – a week is endless!

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