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Summer vacation is over – we are back!

Summer vacation is over – we are back!

What a vacation! I have taken a looong blog break to enjoy the thrills of our summer vacation. We took a break from perpetual travel in the sense that we did not really live in the countries we have visited the past seven weeks but more or less rushed through Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong, China, Laos – like the usual (but independent) traveler. We started out on our favourite island of Koh Samui in Thailand where we hooked up with my cousin, right after our stay in Taipei/Taiwan, to spend a bit of his summer vacation together.

We are now in Fukuoka/Japan to relax and enjoy all the benefits of this fantastic country. But also to get some work done and recap on all the stunning, beautiful, as well as culturally shocking things we have seen.

My picture/video folders are in a mess at the moment and I am getting down to get through it, to report on the most memorable sights of our Asia trip. I have stopped reporting mid-way from Taipei which I will finish, preceded by my impressions of Laos, the most recent and most relaxed country of the lot.

Laos is truly a hidden gem in Asia! Which is where I will start in the next post.

So anyhow, we are back from the underworld of travel!  Hope you had a happy and eventful vacation, too. I will try to prolong yours :)


While I am going to take care of the individual above now, you take in the beauty of Luang Prabang!

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