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Live: Soulik Typhoon video news from Taipei/Taiwan

Live: Soulik Typhoon video news from Taipei/Taiwan

I think we are at the beginning of something. Something windy and destructive called Soulik – the mega typhoon coming our way.

We are in Taipei since about a week and the weather is turning, in a bad way.

Lots of flights have been cancelled and people were evacuated from coastal areas. We live in a 25 storey residential building on the 4th floor in Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

Soulik was said to hit the island yesterday night but weather forecasts say it is going to hit us hard Saturday around noon. According to Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau, Soulik was at sea about 320 kilometres southeast of Yilan county in northeastern Taiwan at around 4 pm (0800 GMT) Friday. The typhoon has winds of 173 km/h (107 mph) and moves forward at about 20km/h.

Well, I can tell you, it is already pretty windy right now, gusting fierce winds make a lot of noise and shake trees up.

There has been a tiny bit of rain but nothing to write home about during the day. We took an umbrella to get some comfort food and as usual when we decide on umbrellas, we didn’t need one. Now the rain is heavy.

We have to constantly adjust our ear pressure due to the heavy wind blows. That is a very strange feeling.

Here is a daunting picture of what awaits us, from Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau:

satellite image typhon taiwan Dasza Traveler


The seven eleven convenience store customer screens had an update on the weather and gave out typhoon warnings.




People have full body raincoats and plastic foot protection.



We saw these sand bags in front of metro stations in Tamsui yesterday. People are preparing for something big.

Taipei, Taiwan


Here is a short video of what’s going on in our apartment building (filmed 1 hour ago). It has already immensely intensified and the sounds are daunting, strange noises come from the building, squeaking wind is coming through window frames, the powerful blows of the storm and everything that is in its way are kind of scary. The centre of the typhoon is still 100 km away from Taipei.


This was filmed from our balcony. The wind pushes through a corridor of our and the neighbouring building.



I have never been in a typhoon but surviving Athenian strikes, Malaysian taxi drivers, Air Cubana flights and the Mumbai attacks, I am positive that we are well prepared.

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