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Dasza’s Diary Concept

Dasza’s Diary Concept

I have been struggling to keep up with my ambitions to write up everything I really like to share with you. I look back and despair. Loads is missing to give a true picture of what we experience during our travels and how we live.

It is all in my head, about a hundred post titles in my mind and all the matching pictures… resting in folders. With every day the chances of writing it all up are minimal. I thought I could do it.

But there is life! The big things, going out, friends visiting, sightseeing, shopping, organising travel and the small things, the everyday routine of  cooking, eating,  sleeping, cleaning and…  trying to find time to develop artistically and still enjoy some free.

As a perpetual traveler I imagined to have all the time in the world but without my full time SLT job, it ironically seems that the freedom of travel has brought about time constraints to a more conscious level. I am not given a set amount of work that I managed to complete more easily than regular blog posts these days  – my life is my work now and that isn’t an easy notion to deal with for someone who has been doing a typical 9 am to 6 pm job.

Telling you what Tomek and I do as perpetual travelers, how we now live day by day, is something I love to share but it is harder than I thought it would be. To distinguish what is important to you and what I love to tell may differ. Giving a satisfactory insight into our lives is an endless notion and these things have been giving me sleepless nights lately.

Therefore, may I suggest a concept change. Rather than picking out bits here and there by topic, I am going to go more day by day. Maybe not daily but the idea is sort of dairy posting. Going along the pics we take during a day – a mirror to what caught our eye, to what we do. It may still differ to your interests but it will give a more complete puzzle of what perpetual travel is for us.

Hope you like dasza’s daily dairy! Starting tomorrow.

I will throw in past pieces before it is a clear cut case of chronological order. I will leave the days out that we stay at home, no pics – no post. The goal is to eventually be up to date. Reality Blogging.

Getting goose bumps.

creepy concept


Coming up.

Reality blogging

Dasza and Tomek uncensored. You might realize that we are just boring.


  1. Dasza,

    You and Tomek are awesome.

    I look forward to the new format.

    Until then,

    Be well.

    • Thank you for hanging in there with us :)

  2. Hey Dasza! This is Takumi. I’m very happy that I could feel what you really feel daily as a perpetual traveler reading this piece of your diary. I know as someone who knows you personally that you guys are not boring at all and neither is everybody. I, for example, think of languages as a main theme and a pivotal element in my life. I think everybody has such a thing without even noticing. I’m always looking forward to reading about the world you see. peace ;)

  3. Ciao Takumi, looking forward to have a conversazione polacco with you soon – considering the speed at which you progress :)

  4. Es ist IMMER spannend deine Posts zu lesen, in welchem Format auch immer und wieviele Erlebnisse auch immer zwischen einem und dem nächsten Eintrag liegen!! :)

    • Ach Ninchen, du bist so gut zu mir – und ‘ne maßlose Übertreiberin ;) I werde beim nachsten Blog-Zweifel daran denken! Wirklich spannend wäre es wenn sich die Sprachtherapeutin entschließen würde die ehemalige Arbeitskollegin in der weiten Welt zu besuchen :)

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