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Behind the scenes – North Korea vs Internet

Behind the scenes – North Korea vs Internet

When I turn on my laptop things generally work. I can access the websites I like, I can surf around the net without interruptions – all in all internet is a smooth ride for me, the end user behind the monitor.

But behind the scenes things are ugly. Endless cyber attacks targeting websites – this blog gets spammed regularly, and so does my e-mail account.

Not all sites are hit equally strong. Differently motivated hackers can easily block a site or in the worst case and more effort delete whole databases.

This is what North Korea News has to face – probably more than others – due to their journalistic work about a country that is a locked up, state controlled bastion, solely tolerating propaganda reports. Freedom of speech is a luxury and dedicated people like Chad O’Carroll, the founder of NK News, give us amazing insights, considering the circumstances of obtained information.

Hacker advocates of North Korea are at war with sites that promote any information flow from and about the country and its oppressing communist regime.

Attacks on websites are the daily bread of committed people delivering counter actions. System administrators who keep things running, who make internet what it is to me. This is what Tomek does for a living and his company Virtall is the cyber force on the good side dealing with a wide spectrum of system administrative services, lately with those politically motivated attacks.

Due to the currently heated situation with North Korea Tomek has been working to keep North Korea News up and running which has been acknowledged in this article – in case you were ever wondering how things work behind the screen and what hubby does around the clock.

It is shocking to think that there are still countries that do not use internet as we know it.

Map of ‘black holes’ of the world wide web illustrating the countries which do not provide free access to the internet (Belarus, Birma, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam). Created by the Reporters without Borders organization.



It is absurd how much is being denied to the people of North Korea who live under the veil of darkness – an unreal sight on satellite pics.

No blogging. Tragically backward.

And with all the political tension going on right now, we are not sure if we should visit Seoul soon. South Korea still is on our travel wish list…

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