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What to do in Harajuku – 23 fashion, fun, food locations

What to do in Harajuku – 23 fashion, fun, food locations

You have probably heard of the most trendy place to hang out in Japan for the hip and fashion conscious. Tokyo’s Harajuku area has been the centre for unconventional outfits and styles.

It is the mecca for fashion boutiques, souvenir shops and snacks, all of them mostly sweet and overly adorned. Harajuku is as kawaii as Japan gets.

Let’s recap the Harajuku tour which we did last week and visit the 23 sweetest places in the neighbourhood.

Equipped with treasure hunt instructions from the Meet The New Japan Campaign and pink eared guides, we wandered off to explore some fancy Harajuku shops.

DSC02586-376x250 DSC02540-376x250


1. DREAM STATION JOL HARAJUKU is the fortress for cutesiness. On Harajuku’s Takeshita Dori.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Young girls meet having a chat in the café about the newest chic of fashion subculture. They amend their make-over at the free beauty parlour in the adjacent room…

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


…munching on ice cream pancakes with colourful sprinkles and toppings.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Some might discuss the advantage of paper made deer antlers.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


In the midst of all frilly – Tomek. He went along and was  inspecting the playful aura of Japanese teenage dreams with me. He is such a sport.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


JOL’s snow white Halloween parlour.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


If you like Tim Burton’s kind of adorable creepiness then b/w cakes will be a hit.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Just as these b/w nasty cute characters coming from the vending machine.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


At JOL we came across the most huggeable stuffie with a huge mouth. Fuzzy brown hair, likes meat stew and passes gas when he is excited. Domo, the Japanese monster or Tomek? I am not telling.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


2. TAKESHITA DORI is the Harajuku street featuring most discount shops with a lot of kawaii fashion for beginners and great prices.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


3. B-SIDE-LABEL. My favourite location. Full of over-cool stickers.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Sticker samples.



This one made it home with me. Upon purchase we were told that we could pick another one for free. That marketing strategy worked. I am going to be back soon.

Bside label sticker tokyo


B-Side Label had an impact on our electrical equipment.



4. Off it was to Lady Gaga’s shopping secret, called DOG. Location: B1F, 3-23-3 Jingumae



Self expression in street wear can be creepy.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Totally Gaga.



A pink outfit for Hanami, maybe?

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


That vintage bag looked almost old fashioned considering all else that was in stock.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


If I don’t turn into a J-Lolita, I will be back.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


5. 6%DOKIDOKI. Doki doki is a Japanese onomatopoeia for rapid heart beat and with all the shockingly trippy kawaii it might make your heart jump. This store is where Japanese model-singer icon and Kawaii Harajuku Ambassador Kyary Pamyu Pamyu expands her wardrobe.

Location:  4-28-16 Jingumae



A 6%Dokidoki outfit and Kyary. Both are visual marvels.

DSC02573-376x250 P1340789


6. CANDY STRIPPER. With Kyary’s crazy candied songs this is not surprisingly also one of her frequented shopping locations.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


7. PUTUMAYO. The classic Goth-Lolita store. They are selling top Harajuku labels like Alice and the Pirates.

L0cation: you can visit them on this small side street but their main super store is at Laforet Mall, 1-11-6 Jingumae

DSC02595-376x250 DSC02594-376x250


8. NAOTO. Right next to Putumayo and very Harajuku. Serving classic, princess, punk and rock styles.



9. and 10. Two Harajuku stores that are offering more feminine romantic kawaii. Peach, lace, ruffle at LOMP HARAJUKU and ME-MENO.

DSC02576-376x250 DSC02608-376x250


11. LA FORET. The absolute kingdom of Harajuku fashion is the cylinder shaped mall. With about a hundred of kawaii Harajuku fashion boutiques it is the place to go to get a new image. Location: 1-11-6 Jingumae

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


12. Just opposite is the precursor to architecture of the 21st century. This futuristic mall houses all the regular high street fashion brands that are pushing into Harajuku these days.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


13. OMOTESANDO HILLS is the top end area also located in Harajuku which specializes to please haute couture lovers.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


14. JETOY JAPAN. We wandered along Harajuku’s Cat Street which has a matching store with awfully cute accessories – all decorated with this cat.



15. Harajuku for KIDS. Also on Cat Street is a fashion store for fashionate kiddos to match mum and dad. GRAND GROUND has a decorated wooden exterior and a large collection for children inside.

You can’t be young enough to make a fashion statement.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


16. More for kids. KIDDY LAND. Despite the name, this is no land for kids if you are on a tight budget. All well known cartoon characters to purchase in and endless toy variety and an incredible amount of things to play with over five floors. Location: 6-1-9 Jingumae

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


17. Harajuku for PETS. PARIERO MART. If you love your dog you gotta dress it up in Japan.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Baby rompers for pets.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk



Apart from learning how to dress a dog appropriately, Harajuku will give you an insight to kawaii food. It is soft and sweet, of course.

18. CAFÉ CREPE was the first crepe shop in Harajuku.You can get crepe here in the most spectacular versions.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


19. For awesome pancakes try PANCAKE DAYs and SUNDAY JAM. There will be a queue – not only on Pancake Day. Location: 4-28-27 Jingumae



20. CANDY ARTISANS. This shop showed the artistic competence of sweet superhuman candy staff. Location: 6-31-15 Jingumae

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


My man fed me hearts with a grin that reads: you are going to get caries.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Such is the ‘message of candy’. Sort of like written on their wall.

Tokyo heart candy


Eh, what the hell.

To kawaii.

tokyo candy


21. CALBEE PLUS. After you are done with your sweet tooth you can try the freshest potato snacks to treat the rest of your body. Crisps with chocolate topping for example. Why not. Location: 1-16-8 Jingumae

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


22. You can get an arty perspective at the little DESIGN FESTA GALLERY with works from many aspiring and established Japanese kawaii-style artists. You can also enjoy their café. We received a Harajuku map and integrated Kyary Pamyu Pamyu poster here (which is going to look great next to our Japanese blue cat Doraemon poster)  Location: 3-20-18 Jingumae

DSC02607-376x250 DSC02606-376x250


Oh, and we did succeed to get all stamps in the treasure hunt.



This was the reward from the Meet The New Japan Campaign team for our hard work. The socks and the chocolate popcorn are totally kawaii.

Harajuku fashion food fun Tour


But truthfully, Sakura was the winner. Escorting our sunny tour throughout the day.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


23. One last location, to chill out and relax after you have passed hordes of Harajuku teenagers is TOGO JINJA SHRINE. The last thing you expect to find is this serene temple located about 800 feet north of the Meiji Dori and Omote Sando intersection.

DSC02627-376x250 DSC02626-376x250


It was very neat that we ended the frilly tour at this tranquil garden, an oasis just next to garish Harajuku.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


I got so inspired by Harajuku and Japanese kois at the garden that I made this kawaii koi picture for you.

pink Japanese kawaii Koi fish


There were gorgeous rose flowers, too.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


Pink and beautiful.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


And I saw more gorgeous.



A last breath at the temple….

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


…and it was time to go back to Harajuku TAKESHITA DORI shopping street.

Tokyo Harajuku fashion walk


To do it all over again. Or to pop the PURIKURA cherry and adhere to Harajuku’s beauty archetype.



Happy Harajuku-Hanami everyone!

DSC02617-376x250 DSC02619-376x250

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