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Digital_ia festival @ 13muz, Elefunk and Pani Pawlosky

Digital_ia festival @ 13muz, Elefunk and Pani Pawlosky

Szczecin is spreading its cultural wings, creating more platforms for the young and talented, drawing the crowds with unique exhibitions and events.

One place dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art is 13 muz (the 13 muses), a gorgeous building that has housed endless cultural venues and recently opened a hip club in its souterrain, called Elefunk.

digitalia festiwal digital art festival Szczecin Poland


13 muz  made room for the digital_ia bio_kinetic_tech_art festival for four days from the 25.-27.01.2013 – to present the concept of digital art. And I was curious to see what was going on. Let me show you:

Interactive junior space. Kids (and adults pretending to be kids) could form and play with digital images.

digitalia festiwal digital art festival Szczecin Poland


Inside the box by Bartosz Wojcicki. Interactive installation allowing you to create kaleidoscopic mirror images.



Digital sound. Various cool concerts playing seductive electro-pop on the border of trance and  psychophysical experiences, performed by Skinny Patrini, Öszibarack, Ozog & Kuzniak, Nacher & Styczynski.

digitalia festiwal digital art festival Szczecin Poland


Microscopic opera. Now this was radically creepy and rightfully categorised under bio_tiful art. Microorganisms move around thereby giving off sound to the rhythms of especially created computer software by Matthew Gardiner.

digitalia festiwal digital art festival Szczecin Poland


Oribotics by the same artist as above carrying his disturbingly fascinating signature. Those electronically controlled flowers are robots bringing about a new form of life. It felt like meeting the flora out of Avatar.

digitalia festiwal digital art festival Szczecin Poland


Soxels. An audio-visual facade with tiny round loudspeakers projecting light patterns to sound. Realised by Felix Hammond Beck, Simon Schiessl and Pani Pawlosky. The way they were talking about the workshop of the installation, you could tell the entire cast was enjoying every minute of it. I especially liked the idea of projecting whispers with personalised messages for a limited period of time, making it even more extraordinary and enigmatic. A talking wall. Just listen.

digitalia festiwal digital art festival Szczecin Poland


Pani Pawlosky, a dedicated VJ by night, takes every new project with passion. She is not just doing jobs — she is doing what she was born to do and having a blast. Every time I come across creative arts as vocation with whatever talent area it has to do with, be it music, sculptures or video art, I can’t help but tear up a little bit.

Those artists work hard to make it in our world of white collar domination. They deserve the admiration and support for making grey days colourful. Lately, I have met people experiencing just that and there’s nothing else like it.

They don’t get to swing the celebration stick in the open, nor bring out the rock star attitude, smashing up guitars over speakers and getting standing ovations in front of a screaming crowd.

VJs like Pani Pawlosky work in the background and provide artistic accents without public pomp.

Pani Pawlosky has been giving clubs and concerts a fine edge for years. Multiple monitors hanging above bars and dance floors have been emanating her work where she applied digital explosions of colours, bright sparks and neon flashes. Concerts have been enriched with video backgrounds showing her personal footprint – delightfully eccentric, obscure and cryptic. Her images and installations sensibly touch on the occult, erotic and macabre. But not solely. Her style is distinguishable yet versatile. Pani Pawlosky has been VJing for various musical genres, ranging from jazz, classic, experimental to techno and dance music, using her own samples or video compilations individually tailored for the occasion.

Hot but hidden. This is how VJ Pani Pawlosky manages to keep a low profile.

shy girl


These were the glimpses of the secret life of the underground.  Shsh – spread the word!

VJ Pani Pawlosky


VJ Pani Pawlosky: you can contact Pani Pawlosky for private events, concert venues to custom made video commercials/promotions and see her work on

13 muz and Elefunk: Plac Żołnierza Polskiego, 270-551 Szczecin, and

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