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Free Blues and Black Meadow

Free Blues and Black Meadow

Blogging has been going slow lately and Szczecin is to blame.

A smallish Polish town close to the German border. Suffering from major cultural competition from adjacent Berlin on the German side and striving Poznan in the country, Szczecin is steadily forming its own artistic footprint.

Sandwiched in between major hangovers and chronic lack of sleep, I am going to give you a glimpse of what awaits once you enter the town where I was born and which I left at a wee age of three years, coming back drawn by the magic of nostalgia.

Szczecin is giving birth to new cafés, restaurants and clubs. Its beautiful centre with old buildings resembling old Parisian houses lining huge avenues is going through a revival of redecoration and restoration.

In the midst of established places you will come across new locations to hang out, meet cool crowds and eventually party through the night.

Night life in Szczecin. Let me take you out!

Szczecin at night snow Szczecin at night


A classic in the city is FREE BLUES, a bar/night club existing in the same university campus area for as long as I can think of.

The credo of Free Blues is to give rock and blues a platform – with constant live gigs it is an oasis of alternative music and the underground scene in Szczecin.

Free Blues Club Szczecin


Ode to the king of rock and many renowned who played at the club.

Jimmy Hendrix Free Blues Szczecin


Free Blues is about riding the retro vibe, rocking away to impromptu jam sessions and providing some first class concerts. A few weeks back BLACK MEADOW was rocking the club. Remember that band name, they are on their way to conquer the stages across the nation.

24.01.2013. Black Meadow jamming live on stage with a mix of own and cover songs, giving typical backbone rock structures their individual touches, showing off funky twists and fancy chord changes.

Black Meadow Rock band Free Blues Szczecin


Playing exclusively behind closed doors for years, they are about to record and bring out their talents on disc, releasing a first demo album.

Black Meadow menu of songs for the night. You are mine rocks!

Black Meadow title songs Free for Free Blues rock concert


Here are the charming members of the band, namely:

Paweł Byner hitting the drums, frontman Marcin Jabłoński known as the Bizon provided powerful vocals, Krzysztof Mruk presenting wicked guitar solos, excellent vibrations created by Rafał Byner on his electric string instrument and…

Alan Szpak bringing out the hidden badass on bass.

Black Meadow Alan Szpak


Holy rock, Bizon does have a great voice! Deep and loud and warm, you can feel it rumbling through your chest. Rich baritone voices are sexy indeed.

The lead singer flexibly plays with his voice, a humorous lad with a touch of delightful cheekiness.

Marcin Jablonski Bizon vocals Black Meadow Free Blues concert


Rafał Byner and Krzysztof Mruk working their gear. Paweł Byner giving a smashing (pun intended) performance on drums.

Free Blues Club Black Meadow rock band live concert


The face and physique of meant to be a rock star, Mruk did take my Eddie Vedder comparison with ease. Cheers to that. But there is more to it.

Vedder, the iconic star of (my) teenage admiration for Pearl Jam acoustics, is a surfer at heart. Mruk, needles to say, the rock star equivalent is passionately parting the waters and has been surfing the waves since adolescence. If Mruk’s athletic features are any indication, music and the ocean are an inspiration to everlasting youth.

Loved the guitars – great equipment, fantastic sound, passionate guys. Rafał Byner and Krzysztof Mruk.

Mruk and Byner electric guitar Black Meadow Band Free Blues electric guitar Mruk  Byner Black Meadow Free Blues Club


Black Meadow capture and reward its fans. They immediately got me hooked creating a laid back atmosphere. Clicking with the crowd and interacting with the audience comes naturally to the band.

Kick ass dedications to the ladies, a varied repertoire of ballads, rock songs and heavy metal with awesome back beats, Black Meadow is a crowd pleaser – while skilfully reinterpreting known songs, their own pieces are just as catchy.

Free Blues Black Meadow rock concert


The band has an infectious positive vibe and is foredoomed to welcome a growing number of groupies. I have heard them beauties scream front row and you know what, Black Meadow, soon fanatical stalkers will be knocking on your door asking you to sign an inappropriate body part. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Until then keep the attitude. Rock ‘n’ Roll – Loud ‘n’ fun!

Free Blues Club: Szczecin 70-110, ul. Aleja Powstańców Wielkopolskich 20,

Black Meadow: listen to the band’s legendary song You are mine and loads of instrumental freebies by Mruk on

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