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Panasonic, Epilette, St.Moriz… Beautiful legs secrets

Panasonic, Epilette, St.Moriz… Beautiful legs secrets

Finally I have moved from being a hairy monster to goddess of smooth legs.

I can see and feel and most of all hear the difference (Tomek has made uplifting remarks).

It took some time and experimenting to get here. In the beginning I was the typical teenage girl getting it on with the regular disposable Bic razor. But fast forward a day and tiny prickly needles were forming back on to destroy all shaving efforts. Add the occasional cuts and I was seriously wondering if models were superhuman.

I am no blond nor ginger and my Slavic roots have given me the type of human fur that will let you survive some harsh Polish winters without pants or tights. Evolution here did not consider the benefits of hairless legs.

But I did. And I will share. First of all, I started to visit WAXING salons. The cosmetician told me: “once you start waxing you shouldn’t go back to shaving” and ultimately waxing became my best friend. I went regularly about every two months and tried out various methods:

Sugaring – rubbing off hair with a mass of sugar, messy and unnecessary expensive

Roll on waxing – takes a long time applying the wax with a roller, then pulling it off using a strip of cloth

Pure waxing – super fast, wax is applied generously onto the corpus delicti and then pulled right off with the dilemma coming off extremely well

Obviously the last treatment is my preferred way of getting rid of hairiness but so far I have only found one salon that offers that kind of method. (The Wax in the City in Germany. The waxing experts are called Depiladoras.)

For a long time, I thought I would spent loads of money for waxing for the rest of my life.

And then I got my Panasonic EPILATOR. I got it because my Braun epilator was getting out of date. The Braun was competing with helicopters for record noise levels and was pulling hairs out brutally-mechanic. I suffered sensations similar to when pulling one hair at a time using tweezers.

Panasonic works so great for me that I do not have to visit waxing salons anymore except for the occasional bikini wax or, when I feel adventurous, getting the Brazilian job.

I even took the purple protective cap off the Panasonic and now it is even catching the shortest inklings of hair. It does not give you as much pain as the Braun-fail and generously lasts for both legs before it peters out.

This quickly rotating tweezing machine comes in a set with an awesome bonus: the attachable foot care file, which works effortlessly on heels and rugged skin.

Panasonic epilator


And then I came across another great invention (in Bangkok!) which is called EPILETTE and basically just fine sandpaper pads. You are meant to brush off the hair of  your legs through rotating movements.

The reality is that it does not scrub off hairs – I would have to rub my skin away in order to get the promised effect. Instead it gives awesome smooth legs, it evens out skin and any imperfections which are simply brushed off.

The ‘rubs away unwanted hair’ is wishful thinking.

Epilette hair removal pad


But Epilette creates baby skin. Soft and even and sleek.

Epilette Hair remover pad


For final touches I occasionally apply this fantastic instant SELF TANNER. I t doesn’t smell as harsh as other self tanning lotions and it is not that messy. 

St. Moriz comes as a light mousse and is very easy to apply. There is no chance to get uneven spots. It gives me a natural looking tan – and I have tried out a lot of competition in the self tanning market (plus one beauty salon and various tanning spray booths).

For some reason St. Moriz is not available in regular stores, therefore I had to order it through the net. It is a lot cheaper than other self tanners and the best I have found to this day.

I can actually spread it on my legs and go out right away. In order not to stain bedsheets I apply the mousse early in the day and leave it on for about two to four hours before showering.

Dear pale-skinned friends, do not risk streaky orange legs – this is faux glow bliss!


Stay smooth and golden until the next post!

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