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Secret sights of Budapest

Secret sights of Budapest

Having the opportunity to visit local sights is a pleasant distraction but we are not easily satisfied. Getting into the Hungarian rhythm and assimilating with the city is the real thrill. Walking confidently the streets of Budapest to be mistaken for a local, breathing in the urban air, walking around for hours, catching details, getting lost in its flair.

Appreciating travel and our new way of life.

When thinking about the recent craziness in my life, leaving everything behind, selling our home, enjoying an aimless journey on this planet, driven by life celebrating motives, I am appalled at my selfishness, not giving anything to society apart from this shitty blog.

Those doubts last about a moment, and then I am thinking: I need this. I need this kind of frenzy in my life.That’s me!

I will share some very personal impressions that will make you wonder if I am legally allowed to vote.

Shsh, secret pics.

Budapsssst! retro poster Budapest


These sights and finds by no means represent public opinion. In fact, some are probably very far away from that. But entertaining (no guarantees).

See what I mean:

I love ice cream therefore I am ice cream.

Icecream head Gelato Rosa Budapest



Spiderwoman spider web Budapest statue


I am a thirty something and I do not approve of stickers randomly put on public signs. Except the bear-head sticker.

bear head street sign Budapest


There were many angry women around. Cool and scary but definitely a popular sight in Budapest 2012 .

Women beat their men shirt woman life size poster Budapest No1 bitch woman life size poster Budapest


A bar sign. Men are evil, women angels. Hah.

devil man and angel woman bar sign  Budapest


Tattoos and 1898 go together.

tattoo building 1898 Budapest


Ugly buildings profit from mirror images.

mirror image old building Budapest


Huge picture walls make for a romantic ambience.

Cafe with huge photo wall Budapest


Art nouveau is beautiful and there is plenty in Budapest.

beautiful art nouveau door Budapest beautiful art nouveau building Budapest


Sacrifice of space for timeless aesthetics – the beauty of art nouveau.

beautiful art nouveau building Budapest


Art nouveau has to put up with totally wrong shop renovations.

beautiful art nouveau building Budapest


Neglected art deco – still looks more beautiful than any modern apartment building.

neglected Art Deco Budapest


The examples of neoclassicism can easily take on Athens.

Neoclassic building Budapest


What was that new age architect thinking.

architecture clash Budapest


Those old window displays are unique to Budapest.

old retro beauty shop Budapest old shop display lamps Budapest


How to get the most out of a shop window.

cluttered shop window display communist style Budapest


Glimpse of a typical street in Hungary’s capital.

typical Budapest architecture


This is a supermarket in Budapest.

Spar Supermarket Budapest


Just your regular plastic curtain forming the street entrance.

Plastic curtain entrance on street Budapest


Tomek and I would walk for hours and there was always a surprise around the corner.

modern architecture huge wall painting Budapest


You might end up at a Beatles street concert.

The Beatles live concert Budapest Hungary


The Jewish quarters. Look at the long balcony.

catron people on balcony jewish quarters Budapest


Interactive fountain fun on Szabadság Square. Try to get in and out as the water unpredictably rises and falls.

Budapest fountain


Learn about Lomography and put the 35 mm LOMO LC-A Compact Automat camera on your Christmas wish-list. I would like the Diana Mini camera (you listening, Santa?). The Lomography Embassy Store is located in a ruin-pub called ‘Fogashaz’ in downtown Budapest.

Lomography camera store Budapest


A great place to hang out is Bar Terrace on Erzsebet ter square in central Budapest.

Bar terrace Erzsebet ter square in central Budapest Hungary


The Budapest metro is an amazing place and an underground shopping mall.

Stockings, tights, socks seller metro Budapest


You can also ride the Ecopolski.

EcoPolski Fiat rikshaw Budapest


Facing the competition of various street folk, asking for our money, I like to support street musicians the most.

street musician Budapest


Even if the music is really only enjoyable on the street. Oded Kafri from Israel calls himself the Drumachine and is travelling the world, showing off his drum playing talents as well as strange dancing styles.

street musician drummer CD Budapest


There is surprisingly a lot going on… on Budapest’s pavement. Look down and you will see.

Budapest has a special relationship with water being the Spa capital. The ground stones mark the distance to the Danube.

modern architecture huge wall painting Budapest


Walk with the beetles.

graffiti bugs on the ground Budapest


Michael Jackson shrine (near the exclusive British Embassy) and don’t step on ‘Marilyn Monroe is alive‘ (in front of the Academy of Fine Arts).

Michael Jackson tree shrine Budapest Marilyn Monroe is alive stencil on ground Budapest


Okay, now let’s make this post more useful to you.



St Stephen’s Basilica (Szent István Bazilika) is named after the first King of Hungary (975–1038).  A typically strange church fetish, the Basilica holds the ‘incorruptible right hand’ of Stephen I of Hungary in the reliquary.

The main sight in Budapest – clashing with the ugliest ‘sight’ in Budapest.

St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest


A neoclassic beauty with a Greek cross ground plan – it took ages to build, the dome collapsed and had to be rebuild from scratch in 1868. Worth the effort, you can walk up the dome to enjoy a rewarding view after conquering maaaaany steps.

Sweat to some, pheromones to others.

St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest


Alternatively take the elevator but do not touch it. Dangerous!!!!!!!!

view from St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest


The Basilica is in the very centre of the city so you cannot miss it. Get best views of Pest from the top of Szent István tér 1.

view from St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest


Apart from the grand view you can enjoy the awesome cartoon-like celestial drawings by Jozsef Pituk (1906-1991) who also designed the stained glass windows of the Holy Right Hand Chapel (the name is hilarious). The artist’s statue of Szent István stands at Gellert Hill, a pagan crazy place during Halloween.

Just don’t try to fly off the dome clinging to a flower.

cartoon celestial drawing by Jozsef Pituk at St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest wonem flying with dandelion sticker at St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest


The Basilica is a place of romance.

St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest


It creates euphoria all around. Similar effects are achieved by a visit to the Hungarian State Opera.

St Stephen’s Basilica (Szt Istvan Bazilika) Budapest Hungarian State Opera Budapest



Párisi Udvar is a stunning shopping arcade with an impressive eclecticism of Art Nouveau, Byzantine and Gothic architecture. There is a security guard who sits in one of those ‘shops’ but the rest of the stores is empty, looking dark and sad.

The interior is dim but beautiful. The arcade features an amazing glass roof and dome, many wooden-carved details and mosaics.

Párisi udvar Parisian Arcade Budapest Párisi udvar Parisian Arcade Budapest


It looks sort of unreal and must have cost a fortune to build. I can well imagine it to be a great place for original cafés, special delis, tiny book-design-and-boutique stores.

Párisi udvar Parisian Arcade Budapest


Commissioned by a savings bank and designed by German born architect Henrik Schmahl in 1913 it was not only a shopping centre but also an apartment building. Unfortunately, you cannot get to the part of the apartments unless you have some time to wait for a resident to pass and sneak in.

This amazing sight stands at the corner of Váci utca.

Párisi udvar Parisian Arcade Budapest



The famous Kiskiralylany Szobor (Little Princess Statue) is a bronze statue of a girl in a jester hat. Made by Laszlo Marton, inspired by his daughter engaging in dress-up-pretend-play and placed on the Danube railing by the promenade in 1990, it has become a very popular tourist attraction.

Little Princess bronze statue sitting girl on reiling by the Danube Budapest


Sure has the charm of a pixie’s dream world and likes to be hugged and photographed.

Statue on railing The little princess Budapest


Look how late it’s got. This is Budapest by the Danube at night.

Daube city skyline Budapest


I hope you dream of the all the amazing places on this Earth. Good night for now!

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