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My Fall/Winter collection 2012/2013

My Fall/Winter collection 2012/2013

Girls, winter is going to be glamorous. It’s all about luscious looks, smart and dark colours and distinctive accessories. I have even died my hair dark brown again.

For this winter, apart from leather jackets (fake & animal friendly) the trend is oversize and comfy. Sweaters and ponchos with all kinds of patterns and cutouts. Silver, gold metallic embellishments, accessories and sequins are back this winter. All to make you shine.

These are the fruits of my winter mall harvest in Athens. Enjoy.

Winter fashion 2012-2013

The SWEATER is a subtle apricot-rose colour and has tiny golden pearls: Stradivarius/Athens

DRESS: Earth Music and Ecology/Tokyo

SHOES: Deichmann/Budapest

Yes, I am not wearing tights. I am in our apartment in Athens (hence the dull background) and although it is slowly getting chilly (as in 15-20 C) it was too hot to get into full gear. And yes, I do not have a proper winter coat (yet) but so far Athens has been good to me, keeping me warm.

I will be in the UK in one week and hopefully surviving the freeze shock. Tomek is on business in Cambridge and I will have plenty of time to look around for coat and SHOES. I have set my mind on these Doc Martens but cannot imagine them being the most comfortable choice…



So for now you will be seeing me a lot in those outfits:

Winter fashion 2012-2013-2

DRESS: Zara/Budapest

BELT: Stradivarius/Athens



Winter fashion 2012-2013-3

PONCHO: Benetton/Athens

BAG: Accessorize/Athens



Winter fashion 2012-2013-7

I am now officially over pink.  RED is my new pink now.


HAT: H&M/Athens



Winter fashion 2012-2013-5

SWEATER: Stradivarius/Athens

SKIRT with golden sequins: Stradivarius/Athens



Same SWEATER in combination with SHORTS that have golden pocket zippers: Stradivarius/Athens

I am wearing a lot of Stradivarius. I found this store in Athens huge Golden Hall Mall and immediately liked it for its swift feminine, young and somewhat more daring, yet delicate romantic styles.

Stradivarius belongs to Amancio Ortega, a fashion guru and Spain’s wealthiest resident. Also, according to Forbes list of billionaires, the world’s fifth richest man. Apart from Stradivarius, he owns the brands Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull and Bear, Bershka and a couple more I haven’t came across yet.

This basically means that I give a lot to the rich.

If you are the same, let’s make sure we get some awesome garments for our money!


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