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Drink, eat, do, see, walk with Style in Budapest

Drink, eat, do, see, walk with Style in Budapest

For one night in Budapest the coolest shops, bars and restaurants open up after sunset, inviting the honoured public to a night program.

The STYLEWALKER NIGHT was a good start to learn about the city centre’s trendiest places to shop and hang out.

Let’s walk.


Well, we didn’t walk all the way because we had a lot of places picked out to visit and there was no way to see them all by foot. But thankfully Budapest has the best, oldest, most beautiful and mysterious public transport system in Europe.

Metro Budapest


Oh, and don’t forget to pick up your free Stylewalker Night PROGRAMME before you run. Most bars or shops stock them days before the night. Most event brochures are in English which is excellent for ‘külföldis’ like us.

Stylewalker Night Programme Budapest


While planning our route, Tomek missed out on some passing sights.

Planning Stylewalker Night Budapest High heels short skirt lady Budapest


Our first stop, was ARON DESIGN STORE. Judit Ducsai has a shop with contemporary Hungarian handicrafts and strange souvenirs.

Aron Design Store Budapest


Like bunny office sets. Strange to most. I liked it because it made me think of the wonderful Japanese kitsch I have seen in Tokyo.

Scissor bunny Aron Design Store Budapest


Ingenious candle holder and fruit bowls. Ode to Mr. Thing (the hand) from the Addams family.

candle holder Aron Design Store Budapest


Political statement to Germany’s chancellor?

Merkel juicer Aron Design Store Budapest


Next on our agenda was the BLACK BOX CONCEPT STORE, where you can buy a wide collection of fresh and daring Hungarian fashion designers. With very affordable prices.

Black Box Concept Store Budapest


Not exactly my pair of shoes but maybe Little Red Riding Hood would’ve liked some plastic carpet slippers. I was thinking Santa Claus but it was September.

Black Box Concept Store Budapest


BUBOREK means ‘bubble’ and is a colourful shop with a lot of things you don’t need but want to have. This may be the reason I am all game for crazy ‘dream bubbles’.

Buborek Design Store Budapest


Bunnies really get to me. This cotton pad dispenser is actually sort of cruel, as you have to pull bunny’s tail and I am sure bunny doesn’t like that.

Buborek Design Store Budapest


Cupcakes. For real? Nope, but just as sweet –  soap bars.

cupcakes soap Buborek Design Store Budapest


COLORBAR is a retro design design shop with an authentic 70s atmosphere.

Colorbar retro design shop Budapest


Which means that most of the stuff is sort of flee market fare and that’s exactly what it looked like inside.

Colorbar retro design shop Budapest


LOLLIPOP FACTORY is a mix of paintings, fashion and accessories from self-taught Hungarian artists.

Lollipop Factory artists' shop Budapest


Sub-culture is never boring.

Lollipop Factory artists' shop Budapest Lollipop Factory artists' shop Budapest


Instead of a usual Friday night party we could shake it up to an ad hoc street party in front of Colorbar and Lollipop Factory.

Street party Stylewalker Night Budapest


And watch the creation of what is called ‘street art’ after the artist has reached maturity.

Street Art Budapest Street Art Budapest


Time for a break – at CSENDES, meaning ‘quiet’ which it totally wasn’t. But probably the coolest ruin pub in Budapest.

Csendes ruin bar Budapst


Tomek looking for Hungarian draught.

Csendes ruin bar Budapst


Plenty available. (We did stay a while.)

draught beer Csendes ruin bar Budapst


Because all beer tastes the same to me, here is Tomek’s pick: Soproni Ászok and Zlatý Bažant (Golden Pheasant).

Soproni Aszok and Zlaty Bazant Hungarian draught beer


Honest communication is the basis for a good relationship.

I am excited

Care for another beer?



RETROCK DELUXE. A lot of hares and weird cabinet displays makes for an enchanted milieu at this shop.

Retrock Deluxe designer clothes Budapest


Retrock deluxe is actually a designer clothes store with bizarre bits. Tomek does look handsome in almost anything. Almost.

Retrock Deluxe designer clothes Budapest scary sweater Retrock Deluxe designer clothes Budapest


Tomek (aiming for the exit) tried to convince me that wearing ‘nothing’ with a collar doesn’t make me wear ‘something’. Totally disagree. Make up you own mind after you have found the dress on the right picture (below the collar, on the hanger).

Retrock Deluxe designer clothes Budapest Retrock Deluxe designer clothes Budapest


FRÖCCSTERASZ is a very cool outdoor bar with a stage and live music, located in the heart of Budapest. But it was too ‘cool’ outside to stay.

Fröccsterasz  outdoor bar Budapest


And I was low on sugar which left my mind wander to other places.

Candy on my mind


Dream come true. A bit baroque, very decorative, simply flowery is the ice cream at GELARTO ROSA.

Gelarto Rosa ice cream shop Budapest


Flowers make me happy!

Gelarto Rosa ice cream shop Budapest


I learned about ‘Spice Cream’ and I will never again call Viagra or Smerf flavoured ice cream ‘odd’. They also had a ‘map of the tongue’ which made me feel smarty pants. They missed the fifth basic taste. Japan taught me it’s called ‘umami’.

Gelarto Rosa ice cream shop Budapest Gelarto Rosa ice cream shop Budapest


After all that sugar we needed to burn off some calories. Binding flower bouquets at BAZSALIKOM VIRAG flower shop (turned out to be manually challenging so we headed off to deepen our knowledge about a more familiar Hungarian tradition).

Bazsalikom Virag flower shop Budapest


Cheers at TOLDI KLUB!

Toldi Klub bar and bistro Budapest


They had a Chilean music program going with Chilean wines and South-American rums.

Toldi Klub bar and bistro Budapest


We finished off at NANUSHKA, one of Hungary’s leading fashion brand on Fashion Street.

Nanushka store Hungarian fashion brand Budapest


WE ARE ROCKSTARS were giving a surprise concert! ‘We Are Rockstars’ is a Hungarian electronic rock band from Budapest, founded in 2009 by György Ligeti (lead vocals) and Tamás Faragó (guitar). The electro-rockers took it easy and gave more space to the string quartet. Very neat!

We are rockstars concert at Nanushka store Hungarian fashion brand Budapest


In a nutshell, walking the Stylwaker Night in the 5th district in Budapest was a memorable event with a lot of artistic, cultural, musical and culinary highlights.

If the sensitive issue of souvenir hunting in Budapest has not been solved for you, then I recommend these classic Hungarian products!

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