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To the best Men

To the best Men

Lisztomania is what you get when travelling in Hungary. Liszt was a classy Hungarian gentleman with great talent for musical compositions. In Budapest, everything is about him. I appreciate and admire lads like Liszt Ferenc.

More so, I am lucky to know just as a talented guy, who can work his laptop keyboard just a Liszt did his piano keyboard. This is going to be another sickly-sweet post. Sorry.


But first, Liszt’s high-tech drawer-build-in-piano from the 19th century.

 keyboard Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


You may know that Liszt Ferenc was a piano virtuoso, composer and music teacher of the 19th century. What I know, is that two centuries later new age has brought about Tomek. A true software virtuoso, administrator and IT specialist of the 21st century.

Liszt’s Budapest apartment has been reconstructed and is now the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum.

 Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre


The way I see it, Liszt and Tomek are similar artists of different genres.

Tomek ‘conducts’ great IT solutions for many people who listen and adapt his ‘compositions‘ in countries all over the world. Both are masters of their profession. Same same really.

The tools. Liszt’s portable travel keyboard. Tomek’s portable slim Samsung and mobile Razor is on tour with us.

 dummy travel keyboard Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


Incredibly talented and ambitious, oh and workaholics. Liszt’s schedule was apparently so full of teaching lessons that each day, from early in the morning until late at night, he had little breathing time. Sounds familiar. When I get up Tomek is already working behind his ‘instrument‘ and rumour has it that he ‘never sleeps‘.

 Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


Liszt has composed the Hungarian Coronation Mass for the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elizabeth as King and Queen of Hungary, which was performed at the Matthias Church in 1867.

 Composition for Coronation Mass Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


The silver music stand was a generous present from Liszt’s extensive personal contacts in Vienna showing a portrait of Liszt, Beethoven, Schubert and von Weber.

silver music stand Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


Liszt was the most popular pianist in Europe, constantly touring and travelling for what we would consider vast distances. He made so much money by his mid-forties that all his performing fees after 1857 went to charity. There is a connection to Cologne, where I grew up and where you can admire the massive Cologne Cathedral, which Liszt generously supported adding to building funds.

In his personal life, Liszt suffered a lot of tragedy, had several love affairs and fathered three children, but never married. Here is a difference to Tomek. Tomek got the girl and love and as far as monetary matters are concerned, the mid-forties are far away.

Drawing room  Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


The personalized Liszt Ferenc vending machine and wearing those Yeti foot-wraps are a blast.

 vending machine Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest  Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


Please put these on to polish and parade for Liszt.

protectice shoe covers Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


At the Hungarian State Opera House you can see the statue of Liszt (in the lower right corner) and share our opera experience if you like (here).

Hungarian State Opera Budapest


You – Twist ‘n’ Liszt!  I – Tomek ‘n’ Shout!

Where? In the Old Academy of Music on Vörösmarty utca 35 at the corner of Andrássy Avenue. The building accommodates the Library of Musical History, the Concert Hall and the Memorial Museum – www.

 Liszt bench Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum Budapest


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