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The Food of Greek Gods

The Food of Greek Gods

Cooking is my new hobby here in Athens, as Greek cuisine is a fairly uncomplicated matter. Feta cheese, white bread, Greek olive oil and Garlic are the basic ingredients of delish simplicity.

Greek gods are watching over the country with perfect climate control promoting a prosper cultivation of vegetables and fruits. Tomatoes, carrots, garlic, zucchini, aubergines, long peppers and green beans occupy the garden’s of the Gods. Juicy melons, lemons and grapes are probably harvested by Hera herself.

Okay, maybe not Hera, the supreme goddess has other stuff to attend to but maybe the demi-god of the BEAN, Cyamites. No joke, he does exist.

There are three gods alone presiding over the making of BREAD. Deipneus, demi-god of the preparation of bread, Eunostus, goddess of the flour and Hestia, goddess of the hearth who is looking over the production of bread.

Now with such divine input, imagine how Greek bread tastes.

Greek bread Kypseli AThens


The Greek gods are AGELESS because they consume very nifty goodies which they call AMBROSIA. It must be amazing stuff, as it gives IMMORTALITY to whoever earns the privilege to feast with the gods. Some say Ambrosia is some classy nectar but really no one knows.

So I thought, since I am conveniently living in the land of Greek gods anyway, I am going to solve the secret and MAKE SOME AMBROSIA myself. Not that I need the miraculous workings of Ambroisa. No, just to be clear, I am doing it for scientific reasons.

Dear mortals, this is my empirical study on personal attempts to produce Ambrosia. It was obvious to me that the gods use local ingredients for their divine feed, therefore I started to experiment with our groceries.

FETA just had be part of the immortality feed. Greece is cheese country, particularly feta. Here is my feta cake. It sure worked on my wrinkles. I haven’t figured out the exact dosage to make them totally disappear, but I am on it.

Greek cooking Greek feta tarte


Easy and effective anti-ageing cooking. Feta, aubergine, peppers, pastry and honey make for a fantastic dish.

Greek feta tarte Greek feta tarte


This is the feta tarte close up, so you can see layers of Ambrosia, some call it aubergine and peppers. With the left over pastry I made some divine cheesy puff rolls. Consume when hot but add Greek BUTTERMILK for the chill.

Greek puff pastry feta tarte Greek puff pastry


Greek YOGHURT and honey make for a good side dip, grapes go well with crumbly pastry. My back pains are gone. Conclusions are obvious.

Greek yogurt


The first cookbook was written by the ancient Greek Archestratus in 320 B.C. My free style version of the Greek SALAD in honour of Archestratus and in anticipation of a boob-butt-belly lift.

Greek feta salad


The Greek love their MEZES, which are appealingly small dishes served for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Olives, rucola, tomatoes, feta, fried peppers with garlic, warm, soft white bread, juicy and sweet melon must be the way to agelessness. Tomek did remark on my fabulous looks lately.

Greek mezes - small dishes


The other day it was dried FIGS on tomato-feta-salad with black and green OLIVES. The black ones are 5 Euro/kg but fleshy and juicy and worth the investment. This concoction gave me the feminine countenance of Aphrodite.

Greek mezes olives, tomatoes with feta


After a Greek dinner with beans and okra the effects of years had been stripped away.

Greek meal


Tomek is giving me his you-have-invaded-privacy look. The secret for such stunning looks lies in the carrots, yoghurt dip, canned mackerel and Greek feta.

Greek breakfast Greek breakast


Couscous with cooked CHICORY leaves in olive oil and lemon with crispy ANCHOVIES. This dish is (bitter) bliss.

Greek chicory and anchovy dish


I like to pair our Greek dinner with Spanish BRUSCHETTA, which we learned to prepare the proper way in Barcelona – using chopped fresh tomatoes with garlic, salt, olive oil, to be served on toasted slices of bread. It its attractively complementing the Greek FISH and ANCHOVY fillets.

We have recently discovered anchovies in our supermarket and a Greek version of American peanut butter. TAHINI is an oily cream extracted from the grinding of  sesame seeds and makes for a splendid spread on Greek bread topped with jam or chocolate.

Greek Fish dinner Greek Tahini sesame spread


After the seafood, we were excited to try some take-away Greek desert. Moist SEMOLINA CAKE with sweet syrup and cinnamon. I truly hoped that this wasn’t going turn out to be Ambrosia.

Greek desert


Don’t worry. We are prepared for desert failures. Our emergency baked-banana-chocolate desert. Looks horrible but looks can be deceiving.

baked Banana desert


Now this is what Tomek’s auntie, Magda, prepared for us. I asked her about Ambrosia but she blushed, saying that the Gods rarely share. But she revealed that Zeus was known for his amorous affairs with beautiful mortal girls from Athens, a long time ago. Legend has it that he rewarded them with ‘food of gods’.

Greek dishes


Then she pulled out a jar, she had kept for years and prepared a full plate of Zeus’s treats for us.

Greek kitchen


Maybe the Greek gods were just really going to say that we should look after what we eat, which in turn will give us longevity.

Nah, that doesn’t make sense. Because, it’s simple – we ate all of auntie’s divine food and…


Thomekos, god of the oranges and grapes.

God of Grapes


Dasha, goddess of the feathers and shrubbery.

Goddess of Shrubbery

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