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Radiation at Beijing Airport and what to do

Radiation at Beijing Airport and what to do

Because of an unexpected baggage mishap we missed our connecting flight to Tokyo (in March) and had some time to pass at the Bejing airport. If you are stuck at Beijing airport, this might cheer you up:




RADIATION LEVELS. Looking great. Not to high, not too low. Just perfect. 20th March 2012.

Beijing Airport Gamma Scout Radiation


MACHA. Green tea ice cream at the airport’s Häagen Dazs. Macha tastes so good, I imagine it is made from luscious green leaves harvested by gorgeous girls wearing green dress, working day and night to conjure up a sweet concoction of light green powder and soft ice-cream, delivered to Häagen Dazs by tiny green elves. I like green. I like ice-cream. Macha is all that.

green leaf Thailand Beijing Airport Macha Ice cream


GO TO F4. That is the fourth floor, where you can sit at the food court, have freshly squeezed orange juice and enjoy a top view of the airport. Because you have entered a zone of potential danger, signs will warn you to keep away. Find out from what.

Beijing Airport


FOG FUN. See how far you can look out of the window until your eyes meet the famous Chinese fog. Holding Tomek’s hand I almost lost him in the dense grey fog that surrounded us at the airport. Start to write a business plan on ‘the market potential of air pollution masks at Beijing airport’. Sorry, no picture – they all turned out blurry, white and fuzzy.


MARINE PEPTIDE PROTEIN POWDER. Check out a Chinese Medicine Shop and marvel at expensive, prominently exposed WTFs. Huge ginseng roots, confusing protein powders, colourful pills, great wrapping are all part of this unique El Dorado.

Beijing Airport Chinese Medicine Herbs shop


DUCK WTF. Find that wondrous roast duck store, which solely sells roasted ducks packed in big bags of crisps. It was somewhere near that fountain, I think. If not duck, appreciate the airport fountain.

Beijing Airport


WHITE WTF. Wonder about all kinds of whitening creams, lotions and solutions at the duty free stores. White people desperately trying to get that crispy taint and Asian people striving for pure paleness. We are a strange species.

Beijing Airport Whitening cream


SURFIN’ THE NET. After you have assessed your Chinese at the passport control, get free Wifi at the airport’s Wifi machines. You will have to slit your passport through the machine to make a copy. In return you are provided with a password for free internet access (time limit: five hours).

Assesing airline service smileys


LOOsen up. Visit lavatory facilities and check out the Chinese efforts to meet tourists’ needs for plateau toilets. I have just read an article in the Chinese Global Times about the Chinese government spending some $4.8 million for the construction of modern flush toilets. Aren’t we all relieved.

Beijing airport is all about that and WTF.

Beijing Airport


I hate to spoil things at the end but have as much fun as you can on the ground, because on a flight radiation in the air is markedly more than background radiation on the ground. For the love of dramatic moments in life.

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