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Radiation at London Heathrow Airport

Radiation at London Heathrow Airport

I was indifferent to physics at school, I couldn’t have cared less about wavelengths until the expert opinion of my favourite girl’s magazines declared that sun bathing is not just giving you a tan.

People started to get suspicious about solar rays and electromagnetic waves, an invisible threat was surrounding us overall in the 90s. The word was out about health hazards when cooking with microwaves and I administered a personal safety distance when turning it on. That’s not all.

I let go of my teenage dream to become a gorgeous stewardess and marry a handsome pilot, after I learned why flight crews have early retirement plans. Becoming a prima ballerina sorted itself out after I loudly complained about the pain I was going through being pushed down into a split during a dancers pre-selection exam – cutting life’s story short, that is basically why I am now a perpetual traveler.

And as such, ironically I am inspecting radiation and doing (let’s be fair, amateur) physics.

Although I didn’t marry a pilot but an IT expert, I am now a frequent flyer on a journey of constant couple quality time. At least that’s what I thought. It turns out one of us has to work full-time to pay the tickets. And, we are not just two but three individuals. Mr Gamma Scout, who is a yellow light-weight Geiger counter is travelling with us, to assist in the measurement of radiation levels. That’s it.

This post is going to end with one lousy picture of Mr Gamma Scout, although I would rather tell you about that awesome duty free vintage-style dress at Heathrow-Harrod’s. (It was looking a bit like out of Alice in Wonderland’s closet and if the price tag didn’t say ‘Gucci’ I would have bought it.)

So, as I was saying, radiation is everywhere and we take the opportunity to see through Mr Gamma Scout’s eyes, what radiation is doing from time to time.


11th August 2012. London Heathrow. Radiation is doing very good. Below average levels.

Radiation Gamma Scout Geiger Counter London Airport


The radiation on a flight in the air is markedly more than background radiation on the ground. One more reason to enjoy some more airport time at Harrod’s. You prefer learning about Mr Gamma Scout and reading his mind, here you go.

PS. Tomek is going to be in London soon (to get me that dress or on business – we shall see), so there will be more Geiger pictures in this post.

As promised:

29th November 2012. London Heathrow Airport. Great levels about three months later.

Gamma Scout Geiger Counter measurement England

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