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Radiation levels in Spain

Radiation levels in Spain

I am obnoxiously curious, I hate secrets and can’t keep one myself (even if that involves making a neat pottery present for Tomek secretly one month before Christmas and then accidentally telling him the same day without even noticing. And Tomek, the gentleman, not telling me I had spilled the beans until Christmas day).

I would be a terrible agent, especially if equipped with a Geiger counter, obliged to classified intentions. Luckily I am not an agent. Therefore, I will share with you uncensored pictures of Geiger measurements in the countries we visited.

Radiation values can change from place to place, even in the same area. Levels are influenced by many factors, in cities values will depend on radioactive building materials and hotspots, so that figures can fluctuate enormously.

In Spain, in Barcelona to be exact, we found a good example of such occurrence.

5th October 2012. Barcelona, next door to the Picasso museum. At the (open) window of our rented room.

Geiger counter Radiation levels Spain Barcelona


9th October 2012. Barcelona, same location next to the Picasso museum. This is inside our room. The values above the bed had suddenly increased 4 times but went back to average* (under 0.200 micro sievert/hour) after a while.

Geiger counter Radiation levels Spain Barcelona


Please, does this heavenly place look radioactive to you?

Our rented room in Barcelona


9th October 2012. Barcelona, Pla├ža de Catalunya.

Geiger counter Radiation levels Spain Barcelona


9th October 2012. Barcelona Airport, at the souvenir shop, selling Barcelona football club apparel, to prep fans for the big match against Real Madrid. Many came to Barcelona solely for an entertaining clash between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Not like us, who solely came for some Gaudi but ironically ended up at the tribunes, learning all about the magic of live football. But that’s going to be another radioactivity-free post.

Geiger counter Radiation levels Spain Barcelona


*Everything between 0.100-0.200 micro sievert/hour is considered to be ‘all-right‘ so far. You can read more about typical radiation levels, the sources of radioactivity and the reason we carry that precious device with us, here.

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