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Moonrise Kingdom at Home

Moonrise Kingdom at Home

WARNING: I have PMS. This post is accordingly emotional. Be sensitive with hate mails – my mood can swing any time. Here we go.


The concept of home is elusive. Golden thought. Everyone can name their personal home, be it prison or palace. People have a strong urge of belonging to some place they can call home. It is part of who we are. My concept of home ranged from ‘where I come from’ to ‘where I live’. But as a newly baked full time traveler I was plagued by disturbing existential questions and boring monologues:

“Can we do without a home? I don’t think so. Do we fence ourselves in when we reduce the concept of home to walls and bricks? Maybe. Do we limit our horizon when we stick to (one) home? I am not sure. How will I do without habitually redecorating? Oh,oh.”

And it so happens that travel itself gives me the answers. The further we go, the more my concept of ‘having a home’ changes. Although I am practically a homeless person, I don’t feel homeless, because, tada… Tomek and I make ourselves at home wherever we are.

[Dasza is pushing the sickly sweet tolerance of her readers. And she is not done yet.]

Having a bed for the night and a roof above your head is comforting but sometimes home isn’t about place nor space.

So, if the idea of home is relative, if we take the most important things with us, we can feel at home anywhere and everywhere. I am thinking passport, credit cards and shoes which would end in: my home is my suitcase. Hm. No. Apart from being a very supportive gadget to mobile life styles, my bags don’t serve a greater purpose. My concept is simpler.

I am thinking love. I am at home wherever my love is. I am at home with Tomek.

We are constantly on the move, we leave flats, cities and continents, we find new rooms, towns, countries. Our surroundings change but we take comfort in the stability of a world we share. Home really is where the heart is.  Okay, that saying is so cheesy, it rightfully deserves a place on a lousy t-shirt.



And obviously this is a t-shirt for women because, let’s face it, men are lacking premenstrual premeditation, therefore their concept of home isn’t an emotional state of refuge or comfort but a more physical locale.




There is the magic of Moonrise Kingdom, an appealingly odd film, which captures the attractive eccentricity of perpetual travel (personal interpretation).

Moonrise Kingdom screens the enthusiasm of lovers (that’s us!) and the sense of young undamaged minds (that’s us again!), of having a limited amount of time in which everything is possible (that’s what we do!).

I believe perpetual travel to be fit for hopeless romantics, pursuing happiness like those precocious children from the film, witty (Tomek) and open minded (Dasza), taking on an unconventional journey of love to pastures new. The light-hearted scenario of Moonrise Kingdom is just our sprightly reality.

If you happen to sit on a comfy ‘ male concept of home’ in your beautiful house right now, watch this for some very funny home entertainment.

Moonrise Kingdom

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