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Vegetarian friendly: HappyCow & Eating Animals

Vegetarian friendly: HappyCow & Eating Animals

Living the life of an ordinary perpetual traveller, I am trying not to cause more harm to nature than necessary. I am not a dogmatic vegetarian, with an agenda to make the world a better place. My thought processes are easy, as you should have noticed by now, reading the nonsense on my blog. I simply find it troubling, that living beings are mistreated and killed for food. So here are some uncomplicated veggie thoughts, a cool Android/ iPhone app and a great book.



I like sheep, cows and pigs, which are intelligent creatures, like dogs. But we choose not to eat dog. We adore livestock animals on pictures, puzzles, TV, movies and as cuddly toys  – so why the double standard? To fill my stomach, I don’t need animals to suffer in cruel mass-production processes.

Chicken industrial farm



The other reason, that I started to dislike meat, is that meat is not what meat says on supermarket labels. More like an artificially enhanced mass of fibres.

what we eat in meat



Healthy diets have gone crazy specific: Lacto, Ovo, Vegetarian, Pecetarian, Vegan… I don’t know how to distinguish or spell those right. But I managed to pick a term for myself: Flexitarianism. It describes semi-vegetarians who follow a predominantly vegetarian diet, but make the occasional exceptions for social, nutritional or pragmatic reasons, and will eat meat, poultry or fish sometimes. Cut out the red and white meat and that’s me.

What I do crave is fish and seafood and although I am aware of the suffering of sea animals and the consequences of  overfishing, I do not have the will power to give up on delicious fruits of the ocean. Sushi makes me drool. But I do know that fish feel pain, just like any other animal. They are amazing creatures with complex communication and orientation skills under water.

Fishing fish suffer




I am no cook. I tend to occasionally prepare a routine pasta dish, bake some filled paprika and French tarte cake. That’s about it. Tomek and I prefer to go out to eat. But, because we do change destinations frequently, arriving hungry in new cities means constantly searching for places to eat healthy and tasty = veggie.

Here is the best tool, to find vegetarian and vegan restaurants everywhere in the world, the HAPPY COW.

HappyCow App

The HappyCow app for mobile phones, finds vegetarian and vegan friendly eateries near to your current location.  It is free and also gives out reviews and distinguishes different types of restaurants (vegan, vegetarian, only vegetarian options):

It made searching for good restaurants easy. Here are some of my vegetarian restaurant reviews from Budapest.



This book will tell you what eating animals really means.  It is NOT a ‘how to become a vegetarian’ book.  It its brilliantly written by a curious guy who wanted to know what he eats, did hands on research, visited industrial animal farms and looked at the whole process from the animal to the meat on our plate. I do recommend it to everyone I love and care about – and that is also you, dear reader.

Eating Animals book



TURN OF EVENTS – Mad Cow Disease taking an unexpected path.

Revenge of the cow

Bonus trivia: The cartoon made me think of the various Scream faces I have lately seen in Oslo! Therefore Edvard Munch shall have the last word:

“Think of a calf. Have you ever looked into its eyes?
Have you seen how deep they are and how good they are at heart?
And this calf with these eyes, we turn to one day, brutally, sticking a knife in its neck and eating the meat of it … We are monsters, we are. It is not necessary to kill to live.”


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