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Fashionistas must dos & haves for Fall 2012

Fashionistas must dos & haves for Fall 2012

Fashion. One of the most obscure art forms on the planet. Fashion fascinates. It has dictators, an enormous number of followers and just as many victims. It’s a parallel political system. To live fashion world without regrets, you got to stay informed. Because identifying fashion faux pas is not hard and you do not want to be one of them. I do not want you being laughed at behind your back. That is why I am going to help you decide, what to wear this fall.

Let’s start with what to avoid, in Europe, but most definitely in Hungary, in Budapest, because that is where I am right now. Hungarians are fashion conscious. They invented a word for the kind of women, whose natural habitat is the mall. It reads: Plázacica – the mall cat. Doesn’t sound bad at all. At least I think, I can live with that.

Well, in Hungary it refers to a more specific breed: Plázacicas are cruelly defined as ‘queens of the cheap heap’, who are easily spotted due to their slightly porn-ish make-up, fake nails and, as I learned, a lower waist tattoo.

I am not sure, but it could be, that I found one at Budapest’s mall and managed to get her, sort of loose fitting shoes, on camera. Count on your imagination to reconstruct the rest of a real Hungarian Plázacica.

Plázacica Budapest



I walked through town, taking in trends.

Fashion girl with gun huge sticker Budapest creepy fashion doll Budapest

*scroll to the end of the post to see their socially approved siblings


I advise you not to take death’s headless advice on fashion. Instead, talk to the teddy about the benefits of pacifist fashion.

dancing with death sculpture Budapest armed teddy bear Budapest


Budapest offers a range of modern and vintage inspirations.

vinatge fashion store Budapest retro beauty salon sign Budapest


Second hand uniqueness is a must see in Budapest.

vinatge fashion store Budapest




To assemble my fall gear, I visited two major malls (Arena Plaza and Mammut Mall) in Budapest. I selected these Must Haves for the harbingers of fall:

– Grey. It’s smart, cool and rough.

– Skinny jeans. Getting a second skin is the thing to do in 2012.

– Grey sweater. Opted for stars to easy on the rough-image.

– Short skirt, with delicate grey pattern. Pleated is still the way to go.

– Tights with opaque fishnet pattern.

– Black leather jacket – out of pure non-leather, for the sake of saving animals.

fashion fall 2012


For the finish, must have greyish boots, half laced, half buckled. Gives you that underground look. 100% non-leather – no need to wear animals is another Must Do this year for me.

cool boots - fashion fall 2012




It was a great idea, to familiarize myself with Hungarian fashion trends at the WAMP design fair in Budapest, on the 16th September 2012.  For more fair dates and infos, check out the official WAMP site:

I am going to teach you a trendy word in Hungarian, which is Zsír, literally meaning ‘fat’ but in slang it’s awesome, rad, cool. Sort of like some of the stuff I saw at the design fair, so you can comment accordingly.

Hungarian designer bags.

bags WAMP design fair Budapest


More Hungarian designer bags on rack and pixie hats on elf.

bags WAMP design fair Budapest hats WAMP design fair Budapest


Hungarian designer jewellery.

WAMP design fair Budapest


I am no fool. Kidnapped wooden Kokeshi dolls from Japan, are not legal Hungarian designer procedures, lady.

kokeshi WAMP design fair Budapest


Here is another useful Hungarian term: Állat, literally meaning ‘animal’, which is used, when something is awesomely brilliant. Like this garment, I got at the design fair.

The young designer had a thing for braiding died cotton straps, which she attached to dresses or formed to big necklaces. Her label is called ‘musume’ –

I am not quiet over pink yet. Combined with the black leather jacket and the boots, it’s acceptable, right?

musume Hungarian fashion dress Budapest musume Hungarian fashion dress Budapest


And then, I came across a terrifying thing, that is now on my ‘fatal teen mistakes’ list. A shiny silver coat, the symbol of my 90s era, worn at the age of 14, gets a revival. Oh, haunting horror. But I have improved. With my new outfit.

designer fair market Budapest


I walk Budapest’s Fashion Street with pride. Even the poles are dressed up in Budapest!

fashion street pole Budapest




How do I finance fashion? Well, not through blogging. Since I quit my job and started touring the world, it’s like this:

19th century casino couple Budapest

That’s (an allegory of) Tomek and me. Except that you have to exchange the $-bills with dream bubbles. To be nice, Tomek says, that if I buy something for myself, the benefits are mutual. He is just a zsír guy. I love make believe.

[P.S. I am not sponsored to link, it’s what I really like to share!]



Girl with pleated skirt Lad with three quarter pants

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