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The bachelor flat in Budapest

The bachelor flat in Budapest

Our first experience with renting in Budapest was spot on. The flat was super, the location excellent and the owner a likeable perfectionist, which gave our stay in Budapest an awesome start. The owner, Gábor delivered all I am looking for, when cruising for homes at Gábor has done efficient flat logistics, creating a functional and comfy place for tourists.

We were very lucky to be able to book his flat for four days. It was spotless clean, very well equipped and had all the little extras that make me smile and happy. Both emotional responses were evoked, as Gábor was explaining his well thought trough flat arrangement. He knew about our blog and made sure we got everything, speaking slowly and carefully, as  if living out of a suitcase has caused major oblivion to the concept of home life. Which it has.

It was fascinating to learn how to insert the key horizontally, to watch the act of door opening and the workings of TV, I was delighted to see demonstrations of electrical equipment in the kitchen, which I admit can be tricky at times and I am very thankful he took the time to do it properly. The pace of the introduction and walk through was just what I could cope with, after we had just arrived from Oslo. Let me share the experience and walk you through the pictures.

Big room. Big windows. Wooden floor. Even a fan. The cable mess is from two dorky travellers.

rented one room flat Budapest Hungary


All the shelves (include bathroom space) will have neatly placed napkins.

rented one room flat Budapest Hungary


The green grass decoration finds its counterpart in the green candles above the bed. I always appreciate efforts of interior decoration.

rented one room flat Budapest Hungary rented one room flat Budapest Hungary


This is pure nostalgia for my polish roots. Traditional bedding. The blanket is inserted through the hole in the middle of the sheets. Granny would have loved those. As a child, I used to get tangled up in those hazardous monsters, choking on small kids.

rented one room flat Budapest Hungary


Perfect bathroom. With a roll of kitchen paper in the corner. Just in case there is big business toilet paper can’t cope with.

toilet rented flat Budapest Hungary


Cleaning advancement – the water tap in the toilet – inspired by Japanese masters of hygiene.

toilet with water tap


This is what you will have to get used to in Budapest. There are WATER TANKS that provide hot water. The shower and tap water will turn cold once it’s used up.

hot water tank rented flat Budapest Hungary


I found a soul mate of appealing perfectionism and positive pedantry. Mosquito net in the windows. There are virtually no mosquitoes in Budapest but it keeps out the occasional fly. I opened the zipped net for a picture of the square with Tesco and bakery, right across the road. It didn’t work out very well, the net constrains obnoxious tourists, taking pictures of everything, too. Once the balcony will be fixed (it can break off any time – like many old balconies in Budapest), you will be able to walk out through the double doors.

mosquito net and road view Budapest Hungary


We were provided with instruction booklets for the dishwasher in all languages, which I actually used, to look up cycle durations. I am such a nerd and this flat satisfies nerd. See, how nerdy arrangement has found its way to the table, after we plundered Tesco for breakfast.

rented one room flat Budapest Hungary rented one room flat Budapest Hungary


Awesome staircase in beautiful old house. Me + Gábor’s place = 100% match.

staircase Budapest Hungary


You will be amazed, when passing postboxes and door bells in Budapest, how old houses have been partitioned into gazillion flats.many post boxes Budapest Hungary


I will definitely book in advance next time. On Saturday we are moving to Buda, the other, ‘rich’  side of the divided city of Budapest, as our host explained.

Gábor, thank you for the very sweet ‘Mézes Puszedli’!

FAQs: We stayed four days and paid 37 Euro per night. Booking was made through Internet in the flat was reliable. Towels and bedding are provided by the host. I don’t get paid to write this stuff. (Which is a pity).

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