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Candy heaven Scandinavia

Candy heaven Scandinavia

By now you should know that food in Norway is serious business, leaving a hole in your pocket while padding out tummies with calories and blood vessels with cholesterol. What you don’t know is that those ginormous Viking bodies directly correlate to desert intake. Candy is why Norwegians are sweet Hulks.

In Norway desert is not limited to a certain meal time sequence, it is considered a snack that is taken before, after, during or instead of the main meal. My pedagogically prejudice heart was torn, when I saw happy hyperactive children living on candy.

In every Norwegian supermarket there is a huge candy shelf-wall, next to the average range of chips and snacks and sweets and crackers and biscuits and chocolates.

Candy shelf-wall at Norwegian supermarket


It looks like Sweden has similar eating habits. We took a 70 km trip from our Norwegian home in Aurskog, where we currently live with friends, to the next shopping mall, which is in the Swedish town Charlottenberg. The main attractions there, are two huge candy stores. Let me show you why:

First of all, it’s obvious. Just look at the entrance. Kebab, candy store, then you move on to serious shopping.

Scandinavian supermarket


Second, we’re talking candy country sized shops. Just ignore that mysterious tobacco counter before you enter the land of sweet dreams.

Because mum and dad raised me bilingual, I am now going to put my second mother-tongue, which is German, to good use.  Let me translate ‘God is fabriken’ for you. It means ‘God is a factory’, which totally makes sense. Seriously, no need to double check on google translate.

God is fabriken candy store Sweden


Third, lollipops are the size of children’s heads. I know, some kind of scale is missing, just trust me, licking on these is a lifetime commitment.

Huge Chupa Chups Sweden


Scandinavians love to spoil their sweet tooth. We do, too.

Candy store Sweden


Chocolates and gummies and nougat and fudge and pralines and more, to get the most out of free medical dentist treatment in Norway.

Candy store Sweden Candy store Sweden


These are regularly ruining my hubby’s teeth. He says it’s worth it. I am not taking his word for it. I check for myself every time he says it. So far he’s right – but I’ll keep on reviewing.

sour candy stripes


Abusing awesome art nouveau artists, such as Klimt and Mucha for candy. Blatant marketing strategies appeal to me.

candy box art


Some of it is just no candy. Like these colourful drops. Suck them and you can spit rainbows.

colourful candy


Thick as a wooden folding ruler, the colour of insulated cables, topped with sour sprinkles. I am having that.

colourful candy


I really wanted one like this as a kid. No chance. [No hard feelings, mum and dad. I do know all about artificial food colours today.]

Gumball bank


You know how Germans sell Lebkuchen with chocolate, because they love children. Norwegians sell licorice with salt.

salty candy


Norwegians are never torn between chips or nuts. That’s why the healthiest snacks are at the bottom shelves. Try ‘Supernøtter’ and you won’t regret it.

Norwegian nut snack


This chocolate bar with a triple filling concoction of jelly, truffle and marzipan covered in dark chocolate is the best Norwegian treat.

Norwegian chocolate bar Troika


Norwegian chocolate bar, toddler sized. Norwegian offspring lives on candy, popsicles and gummies. Then they carry their parents up awesome Preikestolen rock.

Norwegian chocolate bar


Norwegian soft ice cream tastes like butter. The side effects: tiny troll antennae ears.

Norwegian ice cream Norwegian ice cream


In Norway, candy also comes in fluids. These vitamin drinks can save fizzy-beverage-haters from thirst. The alternatives are concentrate based juices or coca cola company products. Or sophisticated strawberry smoothies from Oslo’s finest maritime restaurant.

Vitamin drink Norway strawberry drink Oslo


This chocolate milk is classy. The carrot juice is good, considering the price, barely okay.

Chocolate milk drink Norway Carrot juice Norway


After an unusually high healthy dose of sugar intake, the guys showed an unusually healthy high response to explore the toys store. Should have asked about their energy levels for shoe shopping.

jumping guys

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