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Bangkok’s parallel fashion world

Bangkok’s parallel fashion world

Thailand has been going through a creative renaissance over the past years with hip young designers churning out leading-edge creations. Bangkok has the potential to become Asia’s fashion hub. There are many young entrepreneurs with their tiny clothing boutiques securing their piece of the fashion cake.

An amazing sight in Bangkok’s shopping districts emerge at night. The narrow streets beneath the sky-train platforms transform into a parallel fashion world of clothing stalls. These independent sellers, putting up their stalls at sunset, do not rely on industry contacts but on their own wits and talents, copying freshest fashion trends and reproducing best seller couture. A fun thing to observe, many tailored garments on the racks have cut out magazine pictures of original designs.

When you see those street vendors across the street from the main fashion players, such as massive Paragaon mall, you can feel Bangkok’s spirit to set foot in the fashion sector, ambitiously starting from scratch. There is a lot of talent, that will strive along necessary improvements in infrastructure and retail structure.

Right now there is a lot of trendy cheap low quality fashion but for some gifted and business smart designers the dream of selling a brand with a defined image in the global fashion industry will surly come true. For one man it has. Polpat Asavaprapha is Thailand’s leading fashion icon who has designed the current uniforms for Bangkok airways.


Getting ready for business. Walk the aisles of Bangkok’s night fashion.

Bangkok street fashion vendor Bangkok fashion street  vendor


150 Baht each!

Bangkok street fashion vendor


One step from the indoor designer mall to the outdoor street mall.

Bangkok fashion street  vendor Bangkok fashion street  vendor


As far as the feet can take.

Bangkok fashion street  vendor


Fashion inspirations on the pictures.

Bangkok fashion street  vendor


And a lot of plastic fun. Everyone is trying to make a living.

Plastic bubble making frog Bangkok


Progressing towards sweet boutiques. The so called ‘Harajuku’ of Bangkok. I have read an interview with prospering designer Polpat Asavaprapha, in which he predicts, that Bangkok is going to compete with Tokyo in the fashion industry in the near future.

Harajuku of Bangkok


Bangkok airway’s brand new flight uniforms presented by Polpat Asavaprapha, who also designs his own ‘Asava’ collection.


Bangkok airways uniforms


[This post has been written in retrospect. For current whereabouts check out our map of travels.]

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