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Gorgeous gloom & graffiti

Gorgeous gloom & graffiti

I remember going along a high school student my age, with growing graffiti affiliation, packed with spray paint but no masks or stencils to create a man size graffiti of a cartoon like spray can.  It worked out nicely, with me, some of the time filling large gaps of the graffiti with paint and, most of the time, passing cans to ‘the artist’, watching out and listening to my thumping heart. I was an exchange student in Lakewood Colorado and by no means enrolled to learn the art of graffiti.

It was the nineties, a time when graffiti was considered to be an act of vandalism and crime. Graffiti was seen on the streets, not in museums, art auctions or homes, like today. Street art was fascinating then, because it had that underground feel, today it is fascinating to watch how graffiti art enters the likings of upper class stars. Brangelina and Christina Aguilera each got themselves a canvas-Banksy.

[Quick rant on Banksy: his ‘Exit through the gift shop’ movie neatly visualises how quickly art can transform into a mass-production investment bubble. Despite the video entertainment factor, I would have not spent the money for a ticket, had I known before of his animal abuse issues related to the display of real animals at his exhibitions. That is just such a no go.]

Now, I have got some treats for you. Those are not resting on canvas but on city walls and now on this blog. I hunted the images down while walking around in Kuala Lumpur, where graffiti seems to be just in its beginnings and are placed in what seem to be designated street art spaces. But there is more than that to Kuala Lumpur.

In between the smells and noises, banners, demo posters and graffiti, these gorgeous gloomy impressions round up the atmosphere of Kuala Lumpur. Here they are:

The ‘Wall of fame’ with ‘controlled’ graffiti along the river.

John Carter graffiti Kuala Lumpur


This promenade is swept by city cleaners every day but no one walks it due to the smell of the river.

Graffiti art in Kuala Lumpur


Nice drawing of the John Carter movie.

Graffiti art in Kuala Lumpur


Beginning graffiti skills.

Graffiti Kuala Lumpur


Both say ‘Ha Ha’. Samsung had more money for the ‘Ha Ha’ campaign.

Funny Samsung mobile phone ad Kuala Lumpur Graffiti Kuala Lumpur


Better than no apology at all.

Street art Kuala Lumpur


Many posters opposing the MRT (Kuala Lumpur’s metro line) are found in the small streets of Chinatown.

MRT wall poster Kuala Lumpur


Land acquisition in Chinatown for the MRT project, is regarded as an example of weaknesses in laws and raises lots of protest.

Wall posters Kuala Lumpur


The planned MRT station and tunnel come under existing buildings on Jalan Sultan street, which are part of the Chinese heritage area.

Wall posters Kuala Lumpur


The Chinese quarters provide a lot of cultural input.

Street arts sign Kuala Lumpur


My favourite building in Kuala Lumpur. The old Chinese tea house. Gloomy and gorgeous.

Tea house Kuala Lumpur


Equality of religious believes. Every Malay is a Muslim by law in Malaysia.

Street art religion Kuala Lumpur


I really liked this city gloom. The light looks like part of the firework images on the golden building structure behind. The big sign on the right includes the word ‘infrastructure.

City gloom Kuala Lumpur


Dj MoCity is coming.

Street poster Kuala LumpurKuala


Experts at work.

Construction work Kuala Lumpur Massage wall poster Kuala Lumpur


Pride of the city and no way to be missed. The Petronas towers.

Petronas Towers Kuala Lumpur


Dancing fountain in front of the Petronas towers.

Water fountain in front of Petronas towers


They perform to traditional, classic, rock and pop music.

Water fountain in front of Petronas towers


Personal city contrasts.

Wall contrast City gloom Kuala Lumpur


All metros have that gloomy element.

City skytrain Kuala Lumpur


Colour contrast.

Hydrant and muslim women Kuala Lumpur


Glitter is gorgeous.

Magician and audience Kuala Lumpur


Love the head light.

street vendor Kuala Lumpur


Let love carry you away.

Heart Kuala Lumpur


Chinatown is gloomy gorgeous.

Street vendors Kuala Lumpur


Street restaurant.

Street restaurant Kuala Lumpur


‘Super Beauties’ in Chinatown.

Street Kuala Lumpur Beauty shop Kuala Lumpur


Gloomy job offers are the same around the world.

street pole ad Kuala Lumpur


Facebook is everywhere. Like?

facebook Kuala Lumpur


Hello, dolls! Scary doll with certificate of adoption, at the gift shop.  Shiny street artist.

Doll Kuala Lumpur Street artist Kuala Lumpur


‘Danger – Do not enter’ the manhole.

manhole cover Kuala Lumpur


The once so beautiful train station with Anglo-Asian architecture, is now ghostly abandoned and undergoing reconstruction.

Kuala Lumpur train station


Knock, knock! Who’s there? Ida. Ida who? Ida know, I gotta ask.

Kuala Lumpur Train Station Kuala Lumpur Train Station


Hijab wall.

Kuala Lumpur train station


Makes your hijab look beautiful.

Hijab jewelery Malaysia


Art at work.

art at work Kuala Lumpur


Sunny spot at Kuala Lumpur Central Station. When it rains, it smells.
Musician at Kuala Lumpur Cental Station puddle Kuala Lumpur


Gorgeous gloomy couple at Crystal fountain.

Couple in front of Crystal fountain Kuala Lumpur


Looked like a gorgeous giant sculpture, turned out to be marketing.

Tiger balm ad Kuala Lumpur


My favourite find.

wall poster zipper scissors fashion Kuala Lumpur


And finally, the happy ending.

Speeding sign Kuala Lumpur

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