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All Malls and the Mall of All in Bangkok

All Malls and the Mall of All in Bangkok

Bangkok is the city of malls. And I do not mean the limiting standard conglomeration of shops like Zara or H&M for the average consumer that tend to dominate the market in Germany and Poland. I also do not mean the common Tesco sort of supermarket mall. Bangkok is not limited to the Louis Vuitton, Prada, Armani and other haute couture overpriced bores but to a vivid spectrum of young, fresh and local designers and many many many specialized clothes, shoes, bags and accessory retailers I have never seen before. On top of an amazing variety of clothes, the malls are not mere clones of each other but each one has a very different variety of goodies and something special.

There is the grand Siam Paragon Mall boasting a theatre (very progressive!), a cinema and IMAX, which you can access walking straight in from the skytrain platforms.

Siam Paragon Mall Bangkok


Siam Paragon Mall to the left, skytrain to the right.

Siam Paragon and BTS Bangkok


A bit of an American Florida flair with palm trees and waterfall outside. Upper class customer shops inside.

Siam Paragon Mall Bangkok Siam Paragon Mall Bangkok


The Siam Discovery Mall that has an underground Ocean world underneath it, a Madame Tussaud’s wax cabinet and an ever so useful post office.

Siam Discovery Mall Bangkok Siam Mall Bangkok


Messing around with Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Cruise.

Cristiano Ronaldo Tom Cruise


Crazy shoes on shelf and circling on a conveyor belt.

crazy shoes Bangkok Central World Bangkok


The Siam Center Mall with a variety of young designers.

Young designer shop Bangkok


Original window decoration – ‘We are the wonders’.

Young designer shop Bangkok


Daring bag on head style on sale.

Young designer shop Bangkok


The Central World Mall being the third biggest mall in the world has ice skating facilities on top of everything else.

Ice Skating at Central World Mall Bangkok


Central World houses the Japanese iSetan and Zen department stores which put some effort into decoration.

Zen department store Central World Mall Bangkok Central World Mall Bangkok


On one floor there is a Superman store, disappointingly just selling regular clothes.

Superman shop Bangkok iSetan Bangkok


Central World targets middle class clients and furry customers.

iSetan shop Bangkok


In May 2010 Central World was set on fire when the Red Shirts anti-government protesters were forcibly removed after months of demonstrations. The Zen department store only reopened in January 2012 after months of reparation. This picture shows this years (peaceful) Red Shirt demonstrations which we got ourselves into by accident.

Red Shirts protests 2012


The Terminal21 Mall where each floor is designed to resemble another world famous city.

Terminal 21 Mall Bangkok


The MBK Mall with everything from clothes to new and used electronics, where we got our regular sized sim card micro-clipped (do not try this at home, if your sim card means anything to you).

MBK Mall Bangkok


‘Mobile Mart’ at MBK Mall.

MBK Mall Bangkok


The BigC Mall with the 60 Baht shop where you can buy everything you never thought you needed before walking into that one way hole.

BigC Mall Bangkok


Tokyo in Bangkok. Let me sidetrack for the sake of fashion. This alley is part of the so called Harajuku (the style and fashion street in Tokyo) with almost-there-original small boutiques and some Japanese brands.

Hanako Tokyo shop in Bangkok Harajuku in Bangkok


It is actually the best place to get flip flops. Especially for IT specialists.

IT flip flops Bangkok Flip flops Bangkok


Was looking a long time until I found mine with the extra bunny ear function.

Flip flops Bangkok


Also got a Japanese (sounding and looking) outfit at Bangkok’s Harajuku.

Japanese outfit Mirayne Japanese clothes


Sweet and elegant – the Japanese Lolita candy uniform dress. The only ones I came across in Thailand and unfortunately only decorative elements. No price tags. I checked. And enquired.

Harajuku dress in Bnagkok Harajuku Lolita dress Bangkok


There are a dozens of malls that are huge and pleasantly air-conditioned cool off places (I could never imagine myself – the cold weather wuss – praising the benefits of aircon but there you go). Like the Pantip Plaza IT Mall with the best deal on computers and electronic equipment that has got its own article here. Visiting all shopping places is an endless mission – we truly visited loads of malls on our mall hopping tour that took over two weeks. I would bore you to death describing how great (or not great) every single one of them is. That is why I stop right here and share my favourite mall with you now:

The Platinum Fashion Mall.

Fashion Mall Bangkok Fashion Mall Bangkok


I am a bit biased representing the female gender foremost. Fashion mall is actually two malls facing each other. Fashion mall is the affordable Asian answer to best selling trends. A middle path to what you see on the runway, in expensive boutiques or mainstream clothing chains with attractive designs patterns being copied quite well at bargain prices.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


Fashion mall is also a warehouse of wholesale garments, so that you have to beware of trolley pushing resellers.  Fashion mall has the latest colours, designs and hip inventions in a busy market atmosphere, one little square shop squeezed next to the other, clothes being packed up, sorted and unpacked.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


With wholesale prices you can go shopping without worrying too much about straining your budget, getting Asia’s  most fashionable for the momentum. If you look around a bit you can get nice deals for single leftover (not haute couture) designer labels.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


Apart from the normal shoe, clothes, bags delight there are tons of accessories, brooches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, ear rings, hairdos in all shapes and sizes, hair clips, bandanas, crazy Tokyo style headbands with fruits, doves, flowers, feathers and everything you wouldn’t ever imagine on your head.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


A lot of fake fashion jewellery.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


More cheap accessories.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


A tiny inch of all the earrings and rings to match any look.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


Fake gold probably generates less harm on earth than real gold :)

Fashion Mall Bangkok


Lace and small bride’s veils.

Fashion Mall Bangkok


Did they think that shop name through?

Fashion Mall Bangkok


What I love about this mall is that I can cherish on my instinctive behaviour of being a hunter and collector – with the evolutionary progress replacing clothes for food. What I do not like about this mall is that you have to be prepared to buy from the rack – no try on allowed, most of the time there wont even be a mirror.  So you have to know what suits you pretty good because Asian women wear tiny sizes. I am not a Victoria Beckham size zero but on the slim fit scale, still a lot of stuff was tailored for Asian waists only or alternatively for twelve year old virgin bodies. But that is the devil’s deal for getting fashion before it gets sold in regular shops.

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