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Getting Japanese bangs and haircolour

Getting Japanese bangs and haircolour

Yesterday I felt like trying something different. To reinvent the way I look.  Since our trip to Japan,  the absolute trend setter,  I am under its fashion spell. If there is a concept of being at home with fashion, then this is what I felt like in Japan. Wearing clothes that you love without worrying about others’ criticism is the Japanese way to present new looks to the outside world.

I lost myself to Harajuku show off fashionistas and I am nourishing a growing fascination for Japanese looks in their uttermost perfection, such as the schoolgirl Ko gal style or the anime inspired Kigurumin costumes or the predominant romantic casual Lolita look, which generates sweet looking Japanese females who masterfully mix the innocent cute with seduction. Long, brightly dyed, open hair (preferably with light waves), braids and bangs are well incorporated into the style. In Japan, bangs are not the European kind of frontal-hair-strands-on-forehead but the Asian-type-thick-bangs that start very high up.  Bangs… yesterday I made the before after change!

First, the bangs. It is all about the cutting technique that Japanese girls routinely perform in sheer perfection. After searching the net, I finally learned how to do it. So by 3 am I was getting started with a pink Winnie the Pooh comb I got at 7eleven at about 2 am (thank you Asia for nightly hour shop convenience) and regular (handicraft) scissors I brought with me from home. By that time cutting bangs was going to be a now or never action. I have stood in front of the mirror with scissors in my hands before but chickened out last minute. Not this time!

Cutting bangs for the first time

Before. Getting the hair parted the right way. As I learned it is all about partitioning your hair, then it is basically a one snip performance. I got a wide hair chunk separated into a triangle, measured the appropriate length of the bangs to be (thumb to below the eye is perfect) and then cut around my thumb to get a nice round bang frame. After that only the side streaks had to be shortened.

Cutting bangs for the first time

Tata. It’s done. I am very happy with the result and felt one with my bangs right away. For now, I cannot imagine another look! I was a bit scared that it would take a lot of styling and products which I never used. I don’t even blow dry. But all it takes after having a hair wash is to put the bangs to the front. No hair treatment products, no hair dryer, no styling procedures whatsoever.

Cutting bangs for the first time

I was now ready to get rid of the dark black colour of my hair. I have had a faible for black gothic style, probably as a response to my bright auburn red Tori Amos look during school years. Going bright from black is not a one day deal so this was going to be only a start for which I bought two Japanese Liese Cassis Berry hair dye packages. It turned out to be way too much. I do have long hair but still had plenty left from the first package after I was done. At home, I had to buy at least two packages of German hair dye to get my hair fully covered.

Japanese hairdye

There was a bit more stuff than I knew from home hair dye packages. Liese takes that allergy test very seriously and provides you with a test template. I have never done a test – well aware of the risks but also of life’s time limitations.

Japanese hairdye

30 minutes after I had applied the dye my hair was still very fresh foamy but had largely turned into a blueberry colour. I think I should have waited another 30 minutes (and done more bunny ear styling).

Japanese Liese hairdye

The dye was also a bit messy and more runny than what I was used to. You have to squeeze the bottle to create hair dye foam.

Japanese hairdye

I regret that I  haven’t gone for a second 30 minute round – the Tori Amos hair colour was achieved after leaving the dye in for 4 hours (which is a bit extreme I admit).

Japanese hairdye

There is only a slight change noticeable in the picture (if at all). But I can see nice reflections in the sun light going as far as that hair colour example in the second row – which is fine (for now).

Japanese hairdye



Before bangs cutting picture



Bangs look

The new look has just arrived at Malaysia’s airport train station in Kuala Lumpur.


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  1. Der Pony steht dir fantastisch! Kaum vorzustellen dass es je anders war…

    • Freut mich sehr das zu hören!:) Wenn das mit der Haarfarbe noch klappt…

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