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Extraordinary souvenirs from Koh Samui

Extraordinary souvenirs from Koh Samui

When walking Chaweng or Lamai road all touristy shops look the same with a repetitive range of T-shirts, sunglasses, flip flops and typical beach front souvenir dullness.

Living out off our suitcases as perpetual travellers since February 2012, with our home sold and no permanent residency, souvenir buys are not what we’re after but a fun thing to check out in foreign countries. After making an impulse shopping purchase in Japan I will be carrying that irresistible Kokeshi souvenir with me until I might decide to send it off to my parents to Germany spending more on shipping than I did on my wooden treasure :)

But the curse and joy of perpetual travelling is that you get to see things and find souvenirs that are unique and amazing, which gradually makes me improve my willpower to reduce consumption. Let me tell you that with these truly amazing finds it was a difficult task but I managed.

The uttermost outstanding souvenirs were robotic like sculptures made of scrap metal pieces neatly welded together to create gloomy alien fantasy art.

Robots at Koh Samui


Some were cute little flying creatures made of nuts and bolts that would fit in a shoebox while others were resembling detailed, daunting but interesting, bigger than man size Predator beasts. Prices were reasonable for handmade original art and ranged from 1.500 for the shoebox sized to 60.000 Baht for the huge figures.

Recycle robot art Koh Samui Recycle robot art Koh Samui


We had a glimpse of the production site right next to the shop located at 9/89 Moo 2 Bophut. It looked a bit like an underground laboratory.

Recycle robot art Koh Samui


The other shop we stumbled upon looked like a misplaced fairy tale castle but was in fact an individual jewellery manufacture with anything from scary silver skull bracelets to fragile romantic rings.

Jewellery Art Gallery Koh Samui


In the middle of nowhere, this house emerged.

Jewellery Art Gallery Koh Samui


The jewellery shop’s logo. ‘Jewelry’ is written in a funny way.

Jewellery Art Gallery Koh Samui


In front of  the shop was an old Volkswagen van which had travelled the world and which the Thai jewellery designer got from some independent travellers.

Jewellery Art Gallery Koh Samui Jewellery Art Gallery Koh Samui


He told us that he’d unfortunately not travelled the world with the van but some folks who had collected all those funny signatures from people they met on the road.

VW van bus


A very sweet place but still work in progress was the decorative stuff carved by artists of the Fine Arts Centre on Koh Samui.

Fine Art Centre Koh Samui


So far it consists of an impressive entrance area and an alley leading to a variety of goods that are waiting to be properly displayed.

Fine Art Centre Koh Samui


Their ambitious project aims to build a world of sculptures and small temple like houses. The statue of a faun family were my personal favourite (although I would remove the flower pot from it).

Fine Art Centre Koh Samui Fine Art Centre Koh Samui


Are those Kamasutra carvings going to be a best seller?

Kamasutra carving Koh Samui


The final souvenir shop is quite a find selling really old stuff. By that I do not mean antiques but just plain stinking old.

Secondhand shop Koh Samui


The secondhand shoe shop had a very unique smell to it.

Secondhand shop Koh Samui


Jesus saves bikers’ waistcoats.

Secondhand Koh Samui


This WWII bag replica was a very special find as it came all the way from Warsaw and was actually a souvenir from the Warsaw Rising Museum, which focuses on the towns occupation by the Germans in 1944 and its Polish residents who fought for a free capital and died for an independent Poland.

Secondhand Koh Samui


Sometimes the most rewarding souvenir can just be a precious moment in time such as a beautiful view. Hm. Where was that shopping mall? I am not quiet there yet.

View point Koh Samui


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  1. There are some stunning photos in this post! Great to see that local art is alive and well in Samui.

    Best wishes, Alex.

    • Thank you! I still have some nice pics up my sleeve showing more of Koh Samui and hope to post them – if I’ll ever manage to write it up :)
      We will probably be visiting Koh Samui again in autumn, this time with friends… and looking for a place to stay. Might get back to you on a luxurious place to stay – if I can afford it :)

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