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Singapore – on art deco and attractions

Singapore – on art deco and attractions

Singapore tries very hard not to be  Singabore  by investing a lot in new age entertainment sights. If you have brought plenty of cash left overs then Singapore will spoil you with expensive fun. Such as Sentosa island with adventure park schemed entertainment. After having read many average to not so happy reviews from local people about food,  service and entrance fee we took their word for it and stayed in the city. Singapore offers some alternative sights to invest money without going to another island. Did you know that Singapore is a country of islands? Apparently as many as 63 islands make up the country.

Let me start with what was my personal highlight of the trip and my absolute favorite place of all I have visited in Singapore: an architectural masterpiece for which it was worth to come to this smallish country. A must see stunner, the art deco skyscraper ‘Parkview Square’ office building. Not originally from the twenties but build in 2002 for about S$ 90 million by a Taiwanese tycoon in stunning accordance to the art deco style, reminiscent of burlesque architecture and as if taken from Batman’s Gotham city. The inside houses a lobby and cafe that has very detailed interior art deco design and ornaments, original looking inside balcony facades, lamps, chandeliers, ceiling bas-reliefs and painting, twenties furniture and a wine chiller decoratively covered in a straight up high glass chamber above the bar. It was like entering another era with Hollywood scenography at its best.

Art deco close up. Parkview Square standing tall.
Art Deco Parkview Square Singapore Art Deco Parkview Square Singapore


The decorative ceiling on ground floor.

Art Deco Parkview Square Singapore


 Golden crane statue.  Lobby and bar.
Art Deco Parkview Square Singapore Art Deco Parkview Square Singapore


Another attraction is the Ferris wheel, built so that it would be higher than the London eye, making it the tallest one in the world. Singapore has a very competitive element and features the biggest, tallest, fastest, most…..

So here is to the highest. The giant observation wheel. A moving experience :)

You can rent a capsule for dinner for two. I am inside the capsule. 30 minutes to go.
Giant Ferris Wheel - The Singapore Flyer Giant Ferris Wheel - The Singapore Flyer


To the most Feng Shui. There is no scientific explanation of Feng Shui but in Singapore it made the whole wheel to literally turn around! After Chinese Feng Shui masters inspected the wheel they noticed that by turning counterclockwise the wealth of Singapore would flow out of the country. So now it spins from the sea towards the financial centre.

Giant Ferris Wheel - The Singapore Flyer


To the most expensive. Marina Bay Sands hotel. Changing in color and giving laser music shows at night.

Marina Bay Sands


During the day the Marina Bay Sands’ observation deck is open to the visitor.

Giant Ferris Wheel - The Singapore Flyer


Many attractions in one place: the ArtScience museum inspired by a lotus flower, the Marina Bay Sands hotel in form of a cruiser and the real river cruise.

ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore



To the biggest. The Merlion statue with the head of a lion and the body of a fish is Singapore’s national symbol. The name combines ‘mer’ as in sea, reminiscent of Singapore being a former fishing village, whereas the old Malay name of Singapore (Singapura) means lion city. Strangely, lions have never lived in Singapore. This statue is actually only the second biggest, with the master clone standing at Sentosa island.

Merlion Singapore


To the biggest reorganization. This river coast strip has been completely renewed by resettling their river inhabitants and turning the fishing village image into a sparkling modern attraction.

Singapore river


Build a brand new skyline and river promenade. No fishermen in sight.

Singapore river promenade


And then Singapore invited a spaceship.

Singapore river


To the most unique. This is the ‘duck’, a remodeled WWII amphibious craft taking tourists through land and water tours.

The Duck car - Singapore


To luxury. Singapore is the world’s fourth-leading financial centre with more US dollar millionaire households per capita than in any other country, making it one of the world’s wealthiest countries.

Wealth fountain surrounded by office buildings. Koi pond. The oldest known Koi was 226 years old.
Wealth fountain Singapore Koi pond in Singapore


The shiny golden sculpture.

Sculpture Singapore


Walking town along the longest flower bush.

Singapore skyline


To space millionaires. Tomek has spent a week in space, breakfast and space walk included. Sponsored by the Singapore financial centre.

Space ship


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