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Portable Pink Power at Pantip Plaza

Portable Pink Power at Pantip Plaza

Walking IT malls is just not the same as walking fashion malls but can be grand if you are buying a laptop looking like a candy sandwich with the inside workings of a pro PC.  Yesterdays shopping spree was like finding a secluded IT world with the best hardware deals in town. In Bangkok the splendid IT mall called Pantip Plaza is an open secret that has all the electronic equipment currently on the market and will probably get anyone’s heart beating faster, even without the usual shoes, skirts and bags fun factor: computer hardware, software, cameras, printers, games consoles and masses of equipments’ accessories, as well as a wide selection of black market DVD copies and the like. There will be men standing in corners, next to elevator niches drawing your attention to pornographic material held beneath the waistline. Very amusing sales strategy for porn :)

The prices are highly competitive and will be dramatically dropped if you kindly ask for a discount or nicely prompt the salesperson to surrender their best price on a chosen item. Most of the time the shops’ lowest price is already written at the back side of the official price tag. Sometimes shop owners will get out whole lists of already prepared cheap prices for all the electronic fancy in their shop – the displayed price only being a reminder of the officially declared bad  deal. Whoever is not prepared to ask for a bargain at Pantip really can’t be helped! Sometimes it is also worth to ask for freebies which are commonly given out to satisfy the most fastidious deal hunter.

After looking through endless boring black laptop mass-productions, I think I should thank Samsung for the sweet series 3 portable data processors to introduce color and aesthetics to hardware.  What is it with electronic giants that they are only just discovering the female gender as a potential customer – vacuum cleaners come in all colors – it can’t be that hard :)  I finally found a very appealing shiny sleek and slim workstation in beautifully corresponding metal shiny pink and hardcase off white – what parameters are more important than the motivating look that gets work done? Asking for a minimal budget draining offer and freebies I got… both! It may not be that surprising actually with the competition located just around the corner – I have not seen so many sellers of the same stuff so close, basically cramped into one IT mall.

If you want to buy a computer in Germany or Poland you walk into an electronics store with loads of different stuff  (TVs, cameras, coffee machines) and in comparison little IT variety, so that you will most likely have to make another trip to another part of town to look at another store with just as limited choices, so that in the end, after touring town you decide on a model which in the end you buy through Internet because it is cheaper. In Bangkok there is no need for the detour – you have it all at one place: the complete market selection and best prices at Pantip.

After holding that Samsung beauty brain machine in my hands IT shopping had definitely grown more attractive :)


The computer city blessed by king Rama IX.

Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok


Ground floor full of electronic goodies.

Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok


Four floors more to go. The undercover pillar porn supplier.
Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok


Carrying my new electronic brain.

Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok


That’s an armful lot of freebies.

Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok


Monks transcending from meditation to media.

Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok


Should we be sponsored by Samsung? I know what I am going to write about tomorrow!
Pantip Plaza IT Mall Bangkok pink Samsung laptop


The laptop will remain a special souvenir with those sweet Thai characters on the keyboard :)

pink Samsung Thai keyboard





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