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Avatar, Avengers, wrAth of the titAns – 3D visuAl pleAsures

Avatar, Avengers, wrAth of the titAns – 3D visuAl pleAsures

Watching ‘Wrath of the Titans’ on the enormous curved screen inside Bangkok’s IMAX at the stunning Siam Paragon Mall, I came for the visual roller-coaster ride, to be taken down to the dark underworld of Kronos through in depth 3D images, spiraling me down through endless tunnels, taking risky turns, avoiding rocks speeding by.  The war of power between the imprisoned Titans and the gods, slowly loosing control due to the lack of devotion by humanity,  had an obvious ending but learning about Greek mythology in the IMAX is not the point, although for some whiz kids picking up on mythological twists and the Greek family tree sure is an educational bonus. It is all about amazing images as the fiery red and coal black lava Titan erupts from earth, destroying mankind in fury. By this time the viewer is riding on winged Pegasus together with the demigod hero Perseus to fight evil in its worst countenance, 100 dB sound waves vibrating through the body and adding to breathtaking 3D effects.

Yesterday we went for another 3D treat watching ‘The Avengers’, a visual pleasure standing in line to the new generation of what I would call the ‘A’ movies in the special effects section, preceded by the fascinating ‘Avatar’ film. ‘The Avengers’ take action movies to a new level, with gripping chase rides across Manhattan, heroes, kings, aliens and machines invading earth and fighting for everlasting power (as usual), stunning views of the universe and birds eye perspective of the city, up close explosions and all the known blow up scenarios from action movies.

Mankind came a long way from viewing deadly fights in the arena during Roman times, when all it takes now is a comfy seat (talking about splash out airplane like reclining seats) and 3D glasses to get the adrenalin fix.  I can’t wait for the next movie – how long is it going to be until science fiction becomes reality and we get the ultimate holographic experience?

Getting ready for the movie with fresh papaya and mango shake.

IMAX Bangkok - Wrath of the Titans and The Avengers


Obligatory movie seaweed crisps (have also been eaten a lot outside the movies).
Seaweed crisps Thailand


Buying tickets is self service nowadays.

IMAX Bangkok - Wrath of the Titans and The Avengers


3D fanatics have their own gear.

IMAX Bangkok - Wrath of the Titans and The Avengers


In Thailand it is custom to stand up before the movie starts (or any public
event as a matter of fact), when they show a short video about the
achievements of king Rama IX and his dedication to rural development and the
poorest livelihoods of the country with high pitched fanfares in the background, happy children and the hard working nation loving
their leader. I don’t know why I get goose bumps every time when everybody is
standing up to pay their respect to the king. It is fascinating and a bit scary.
Especially, when the eye twitch shows behind thick eyeglasses. I get eye twitches when nervous but it’s not that funny.

Sitting mid row but still in front of the rest of the audience, not being able
to see the others, we noticed that we were standing long after the rest had
already taken their seats, making us hard line devotees of the monarchy or maybe just
an annoyance blocking the screen :)

King Rama IX of Thailand

King Rama IX is everywhere in the city, preferably places that shine with money
and investment. Long live the king.

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