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Kicking Nazi butt

Kicking Nazi butt

After World War II the Nazis have retreated to the dark side of the moon and are preparing to take over the world – that is the amusing version of Iron Sky – a movie that you will either love or hate.

The story starts with perfectly Aryan Renate Richter, blue eyed and blond, a teacher and scientist indoctrinating her class of little Nazis about their superiority thereby misinterpreting Charlie Chaplin’s classic of dancing with the world as Adolf Hitler.

A very amusing scene, followed by more laughter as the secluded Germans capture an American Astronaut and are confronted the with his afro American origin, whose bad luck is to land to close to the Nazi base, that is a gigantic swastika shaped building :)

If you want to see how the “Albinisierer” serum works on black skin,  how the ipad is the source of energy for all Nazi evil to rule the world and how Nazi principles perfectly fits Sarah Palins motives for a successful reelection campaign, then you will have a good time.

A fabulous low budget Finish-German-Australian science fiction comedy, not missing out on alien inspired magnificent spaceships attacking earth, at the same time showing off a great plot and hilarious twists to intervene Nazi doctrine with gone wrong American political agenda – a movie not to miss and kick some Nazi and Palin butt :)



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