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Life of a freelancer

Life of a freelancer

Work and play is a dream come true but it is not all rock and roll. The truth about working on the road is more down to earth. You got to earn the money and that for us means that we are basically always at work, come weekend or holiday. To some it may look like an ongoing holiday but through perpetual traveling the best of work and holiday become one.

Here is the downside of the coin: Tomek is available 24/7 for most of his clients around the world, as meeting time differences between continents involves to be available at what is impossible hours to most. For me, it is to have an eye out for the unusual, beautiful and fascinating. I see so many things I would like to share, there is no time to write it all up. But I try. We are used to stay up late and work into the night. Freelance traveling around the world calls for ultra flexible individuals, which we are – and most importantly don’t mind either. To be online is priority above all sightseeing excitement. And that can be a challenge in some countries. We are getting used to rush about having only just arrived to new lands to get internet access as soon as possible. Getting ready to work in Asia when Europe is just waking up.

After the first few months of being constantly on the move because we just couldn’t get enough of sight seeing, we are now trying to slow down and take touring around in smaller steps than we used to. A lot of time still goes to logistics, hotel, flight, bus booking and tour planning. Our home is the hotel most of the time so far but we are planning to rent soon. At the same time, moving forwards is the thrill us perpetual travelers are looking for. I don’t know why but I enjoy being on the road, watching the world go by from the plane or car window, enjoying the fresh breeze on a tuktuk ride, just go along with time.

This is the flip side: It is bliss not to have to get ready and look splendid at silly o’clock in the morning, we enjoy late brunches, see amazing places, meet new people, widen our horizon and taste food we never thought of existed. Not one day the same, waking up to new adventures everyday is the coolest thing ever.

The era of globalisation and internet has arrived and I think we are somewhat the pioneer generation that can take advantage of the boosting IT world to the fullest. To work anywhere from everywhere may still be a unreal to some, while that parallel network is more and more pushing and changing our lives. Working set hours at one place shifts more and more towards achievement-oriented projects around the world – here we are, the bit & byte generation!


The perfect combination.

Freelance work


No shoes, no bags, no clothes but loads of computer stuff at the Fortune IT Mall in Bangkok.

IT Mall


Checking out the Lifestyle IT & Multimedia Center.

IT mall


We finally find the long looked for USB cable at the Nutty.  That’s nuts!

IT Mall


Freelance freedom!

Freelance freedom

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  1. Again, great post. It’s certainly a major lifestyle choice. My wife and I are currently moving ahead in this direction. She has quit her “day job”, while I am currently taking leave from mine. It’s our “safe way” of getting out of the workforce.

  2. Thank you, Petey!
    After a rushed and somewhat chaotic beginning,where we would be changing places more like usual tourists (I hardly managed to write up anything during that virgin PT period), meeting friends and living in hotels – we have learned to slow down. Long-term renting and living like a local has changed our lifestyle for the better.
    Before we left, Tomek had established a stable client base and I actually tried to take ‘a one year off’ from work but that wasn’t possible, so I didn’t really have a choice to do it the ‘safe way’.
    But we are on year two now and when looking at flight and rental prices, PT is really for a wide range of budgets. Good luck with moving into a new direction :)

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