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Fun pics from Phnom Penh

Fun pics from Phnom Penh

The charming city reveals it’s funny side.


Enjoy the pictures taken in Cambodia’s capital.





Petrol Station in Cambodia.

Petrol station in Phnom Penh













Street fashion in Cambodia. Daring blue sock high heel combo.

Fashion girls in Cambodia













Dress code and no guns rule at the Royal Palace.

Ticket counter sign at Phnom Penh's palace














Never do that.

Sign at Phnom Penh's palace













Very professional.

Bodyguard department in Phnom Penh













Smart pigeons at the water hose bar.

Smart pigeons in Cambodia













Never alone with Cambodia’s booze.

Beer ad in Cambodia


Other lands, other customs.

Exhibition at Royal Palace in Phnom Penh













‘The effectiveness can persist 168 hours’.

Viagra in Cambodia













This one can ‘take effect in 15 minutes’.

Viagra in Cambodia













Must be a good restaurant.

Restaurant in Phnom Penh













Phnom Penh’s dance center famous for its posing Hip Hop stars.

Phnom Penh dance center














The bright future of Cambodia is coming soon.

Sorya Shopping mall













Motorised rickshaws are not allowed on some streets in Phnom Penh. Seconds after I take this picture numerous tuktuks speed by.

Tuktuk road sign in Phnom Penh


Logo of shop selling girly accessories.

Princess of Cambodia


Banana surprise.

Banana in Cambodia


Promised free birthday cake at Karaoke turns out to be only for eight stomachs.

Karaoke in Phnom Penh














Disney shop launches its new product range.

Disney shop in Phnom Penh


How many photographers are there?

Royal Palace in Phnom Penh




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