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The coconut delight

The coconut delight

I have to share the coconut delight with you. As you may or may not know I do not drink hazardous fizzy drinks nor do I drink coffee and that can make it difficult while travelling, especially if hot tea is too hot to be a thirst quenching option. Water can quickly become boring and tasteless.

Nature delivers the ultimate solution for the fussy consumer: the unbeatable coconut. I mean the green and young coconut, not the small, old and brown ones. The  green coconut does taste fantastic, is a cooling and refreshing drink and gives you all the nutritions for an energy boost while travelling. Coconut water has sugar, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibres which makes it a winner amongst the fresh drinks competition.

The best thing is that you can drink and eat it afterwards. The inside has a white layer of soft jelly-like super tasty coconut flesh. Don’t throw your coconut away after getting only half of the coconut delight deal. Know the insider secret.

So, I am here to tell you folks: taste the inside of the coconut and you will not regret it. I carry a plastic spoon-fork (funny one piece with both endings) with me to be able to scrape the coconut insides out. Sometimes you will only get a straw.

Share the coconut delight! And do not forget to try the delicious coconut shake and smoothie versions. Always ask, if they mix fresh coconut flesh with  ice. A lot of times they will just use canned coconut milk, which saves them scraping out the coconut but the result is just awful.

A word on coconut milk, which is not coconut water! Coconut milk is produced by extracting the juice through pressing the grated coconut’s white flesh.


This is a coconut before it has been properly consumed.

refreshing coconut


And this is after.

refreshing coconut has been eaten


These are common coconut and fruit stands in Thailand. Occasionally, you can buy the coconut water with the flesh in a plastic cup. It saves you the scraping job but pollutes the environment – no need for that, the coconut is a cup-drink-eat all in one bargain.

coconut stand in Bangkok


Still, some coconuts will be wrapped in foil after the outer layer has been taken off.

coconut stand in Bangkok


This one’s mine!

drinking green coconut


Now, eat the endosperm. That really is the proper name of that white edible part.



This coconut is very popular in Malaysia, marketed as the fragrant coconut and imported from Thailand. The fragrant coconut is a bit smaller and tastes a bit sweeter than its siblings making it the queen of the coconut variety, for me.

Fragrant Coconut Malaysia


Staff getting coconuts with an over-length bamboo stick ending in a hook. Coconut action right in front of our hotel room veranda. It doesn’t get any fresher than that.

Harvesting coconuts


Word of Wisdom: Be careful, when passing a palm tree. A falling coconut can weigh up to 1.5 kg and have some heavy consequences. Oh, and:

Cats do not like coconuts.

Coconut and cat


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