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Unexpected upscale upgrade

Unexpected upscale upgrade

Sometimes it just pays to be late. Having arrived past 6 pm to the four star Plantation Urban hotel we reserved through, we were told by the hotel manager that unfortunately the room wasn’t available. But then he uttered those magic words every tourist wants to hear at least once in a lifetime: We are going to upgrade your room.

What we got, was far more than a hotel room. It was the deluxe suite, spaciously sized flat with three balconies and an outside jacuzzi. Modern, not overloaded design with everything a newly renovated apartment would have, plus the deluxe details, like the chill out lounge couches, the antique mirror frame with fine Asian carvings, fine Asian style lacquered boxes in various shapes, handmade soap nuggets, two bathrooms with walk in showers and a bathtub facing huge windows and sliding doors to the jacuzzi, the kitchen bar at the front patio, indirectly lit plants around the walls, the unobstructed view of the city and and and….

We counted the number of rooms that our top floor suite covered, one floor beneath. The suite was the size of five regular hotel rooms! I could easily get used to top end hotel life. Too bad that we have to change rooms tomorrow :)


Hotel patio entrance.


Welcome to the suite room.


Living room with outside jacuzzi.


Huge veranda.


The outside kitchen bar.


Master bedroom.


Two bathrooms.





The hot tub wins.


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